Sharon Stone appeared on French TV Show “Champs Elysees” today, and this time she didn’t go all “Basic Instinct” and show her crotch.


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Beyonce’s stained white pants!

Beyonce & Jay-Z went out to dinner… and it looks like Beyonce did a little spilling on her white pants!!  There’s a spot right below the crotch, and in the full length picture you can also see she’s got something smudged all over her knee… Perfect Beyonce got dirty?!?!

Neither one of them look all that happy… I hope married life is treating them well!!

Photos: Splash News Online

Dancing with the Crotch!

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska from Dancing with the Stars at Jason’s charity event… She probably should have worn a more modest pair of underclothes.

Photo: Splash News Online

Name That Package.

Should I give hints on these or not?  I mean it’s kind of really hard to tell who these people are just by checking out their junk… so the clues might make it fun, but I don’t want to give them away!

Can you name that package?

Show me now!

Yes, that’s Hilary Duff, putting a scorpion down her pants in her new movie “War Inc” – TOTALLY HOT HUH!  Then does does a “seductive dance”…

Pictures of her and her boyfriend Mike Comrie, her sister Haylie, and other stars at the premiere after the hop, skip, and jump!

I don’t like calling it a “jump”…

Show me now!


Due to the overwhelming popularity of this morning’s feature NAME THOSE  TATAS, I’ve decided to do a little something for the package checkers among us… Don’t lie, you do it.

So who does this grabworthy package belong to?

Show me now!