Who’s on crack?

Someone nearly lost her bikini bottom on a yacht last weekend… who was it??

Show me now!

The Amy Winehouse wax figure has just been revealed at Madame Tussaud’s in London… It’s really sad when a wax figure made in your image looks more alive than the real you.  I wonder if Amy’s parents (shown below) wanted to take the wax Amy home… Imagine what she’d look like without the crack… she’d actually be a pretty girl!

The next question I have – what is Amy holding in the pictures of her with her wacky friend?  It looks like a cigarette filter – that’s all I can compare it to – but I don’t see why’d she be holding onto a cigarette filter like that… anyone know what it is??

Try clicking on the first picture and then scrolling through them – its much easier to view photos now!  You can still click the picture to super-size it too!

Amy Winehouse loves crack, and Bush?

Amy Winehouse has things sticking out of her back pockets that say “SMOKING KILLS”, even worse SMOKING MAKES YOU SO F’D UP YOU DON’T REALIZE YOUR BUTT CRACK IS SHOWING!

Even worse, it makes you so f’d up you don’t realize you’re exposing the nether region of your stomach.  The hairy part.

VIDEO: Amy Wackhouse smacks a fan!

Amy Winehouse is OUT OF CONTROL!!! Seriously, she is going to end up institutionalized if not dead soon!! SUCH A WASTE!!! Don’t SMOKE CRACK OR DO HEROIN!!

Amy Winehouse hit a fan at her show at the Glastonbury Music Festival, then she spit gum into the audience and basically acted like a complete wackadoo… Now she’s apparently checked back into a “hospital”…

Stop the Madness.



Somebody showed off some serious BUTT CRACK while leaving a private party the other night…  It actually looks a little bruised!!  GROOOOOSSSSSS!!!


Show me now!


Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty took a break from smoking crack and shooting up heroin to spend some quality time with the latest additions to their rodent infested home… Baby mice.  Where did they get baby mice??  Is she breeding them???  Oh, and I certainly hope the next video won’t be of the kittens they were playing with in their last bizarre video EATING THE GROWN MICE!!!  Wouldn’t shock me though.  These two are f*cked!