Christina Aguilera came incredibly close to having a wardrobe malfunction on The Voice last night… As she does just about every week.

She then talked about how offended she was by Tony Lucca’s song choice (99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one!) and said it is disrespectful to women.

OK, fine.  The song is a little offensive and it was kinda lame how Adam Levine tried to excuse it by saying it’s a metaphor or whatever… But when you’re the type of girl that shows as much of your breasts as possible without getting the network fined week after week you should worry about respecting yourself before talking sh*t.

I want to like Xtina but her attitude and nastiness this season has been over the top!!!

And here’s Adam wearing his Team Xtina shirt.

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According to multiple sources, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine got into quite the argument back stage before The Voice finals tonight.

Christina found out Adam had Tony Lucca singing “99 Problems” with “the bitch ain’t one” of course referring to Christina… Producers made him change the lyric from “bitch” to “chick” and Adam fought it, saying it ruins the song and would be a “death sentence” for Tony.

Apparently Adam went right for Christina once it was decided for sure he had to have Tony change the words – and a source says he even called her a “f***ing c***”!!!”

I don’t doubt there may have been a heated discussion back stage, but I highly doubt Adam called Christina the “C” word.  She has been a nasty “B” though, making that face at Justin Bieber and being rude to The Wanted.  And obviously she’s been a total a-hole to Tony since the beginning.  She’s taken snide shots at him every time he’s performed!!!

Check out the pic of Christina looking like Twisted Sister last week.

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The crown is just ridiculous.

And for some reason she reminds me of Twisted Sister.


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During an interview with New York City’s 92.3 Now FM, The Wanted talked about their horrific experience with Christina Aguilera.  Apparently she wasn’t very friendly back stage when they performed on The Voice.  This was the same night she was accused of giving Justn Bieber a dirty look when he approached her chair.


The guys say she was “scary” “rude” and “a total bitch”!


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Christina Aguilera in DT Magazine

These pictures are from the April 2012 issue of DT Magazine… but I’m thinking they either photoshopped some weight off her or they are old.  They are 2 years old.

The ones of her going to the club are from the other night.  She’s definitely lost some weight and is looking better than she was though… make up is toned down a bit!  I’m so glad she stopped with the fire engine red lipstick!

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Happy Halloween Links

Boyfriend and me at Guavaween Saturday Night in Ybor.

Super cute pets in costume, some of these are a little outrageous!

Michael Lohan will be wearing an orange jumpsuit for a while – denied bail and wheel chair bound!

Oh no she didn’t!!  Have you seen the video of the bride texting at the altar?

WOW!  Christina Aguilera looked fabulous on Friday at “The Voice” press junket.

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Wednesday’s Dirty Links

Where are Christina Aguilera’s pants?

Who is most influential according to Kanye West, Steve Jobs, or Barack Obama?

Nothing dirty here of course, just Justin Bieber’s sweet “Mistletoe” video!

Nut job in Ohio kills himself… but not before he let his 48 wild animals loose!  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matt Rutler took her son Max Liron Bratman to the pumpkin patch.

Click here to see pics of them at the same patch last year!

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