Is Angelina Cheating on Brad!?


Angelina Jolie isn’t cheating, or at least that’s what she thinks…

Angelina wouldn’t fool around with men other than Brad, therefore when she fools around with women it’s not cheating – right?  I don’t think so!!! 

As if that isn’t interesting enough, Brad has forbidden the six children that he and Angie are raising together fromr reading Femal Force: Angelina Jolie – the comic book that stars their superstar mother.  The entire comic book is about Angie’s acting career, domestic life and humanitarian activities at its center, but it also show the unconventional lifestyle via her sex-charged sexy movie roles.

I don’t like that Brad is forbidding his kids to read something, but Angelina having her kids read about how she is a sex symbol AND cheating with other women? 

GO BACK TO JEN!!!!  She was such a nice girl that didn’t cheat, even if her hair was boring sometimes.

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Rumors are already flying that Scott Disick is ALREADY cheating on Kourtney Kardashian with… this chick.  Whoever the hell she is.

She’s just left on a book tour (Really?  The Kardashian sisters “wrote” a book?  Justin Bieber’s book has got to be more interesting.) and paparazzi snapped photos of Scott with another woman in his Rolls Royce Convertible, driving around LA.

Scott looks douchey, guilty and tried as hard as he could not to be photographed with this unidentified, alleged home-wrecker.

Fame Pictures

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