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Matt Damon was working on his new movie “We Bought a Zoo” today in California, and as you can see, he still has a Wrangler butt.  I think he knew the paparazzi were snapping pics of his butt so he posed a little.  I’d do the same thing if I had a Wrangler butt.

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Lady GaGa’s Revealing Outfit

Lady Gaga, Lady GaGa Nude, Lady GaGa's Butt, Ass, Butt, Leotard, Fashion, Nude Celebrity, Booty

Lady GaGa decided to go with something a little more… revealing yesterday while shopping at Bruce Fields.  It was REALLY cold outside, but that didn’t seem to bother her!

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Katie Holmes, Butt, Ass, Celebrity Butt, Celebrity Ass, Kinky, health, Movie Set, Plumber's Crack

Poor Katie Holmes.  I don’t know what happened to her, but while working on the “Jack and Jill” set, she bent over to reveal a GIGANTIC boo boo on her bum bum.

I dunno if she hurt herself working, or if she’s into some sort of kinky stuff (Ew.) with Tom Cruise but that looks like it hurt!

Jixxer/Fame Pictures

Angela Simmons’ Bikini Butt

Angela Simmons, Bikini, Booty, Butt, Celebrity Butt, Celebrity Bikini, Rev Run, Run DMC, Celebrity Cameltoe

Rev. Run’s Daughter, Angela Simmons was living it up on the Beach in Miami, showing off her tight bikini.

Girl’s got some booty too!

BRJ/Fame Pictures

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Paris Hilton’s butt cheeks.

We’ve all seen it – and there it is again.

Paris Hilton didn’t want to get her feet wet so she had her bodyguard give her a lift… and a wedgie.


Well there’s the happy non-couple, Rihanna in a bikini and Chris Brown touching her butt while doing watersports in Barbados!  But they’re NOT DATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos: Splash News Online

Amy Winehouse loves crack, and Bush?

Amy Winehouse has things sticking out of her back pockets that say “SMOKING KILLS”, even worse SMOKING MAKES YOU SO F’D UP YOU DON’T REALIZE YOUR BUTT CRACK IS SHOWING!

Even worse, it makes you so f’d up you don’t realize you’re exposing the nether region of your stomach.  The hairy part.


Somebody showed off some serious BUTT CRACK while leaving a private party the other night…  It actually looks a little bruised!!  GROOOOOSSSSSS!!!


Show me now!