Ali Lohan’s Hideous Mom Jeans

I don’t remember which movie or TV show it was in which one character says to another, “are you trying to look unattractive?” but that’s what I would say to Ali Lohan if she were my friend.


MOM JEANS???  And I get that the high-waisted thing was in for a bit with Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson sporting that look… but she’s wearing MOM JEANS straight out of the SNL skit CUFFED, with white sneakers and a plain white shirt.  She’s not wearing an ounce of make up, looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in a week, and just all around looks horrible!

She used to be kinda cute and healthy looking!  Pic from 2009.

Click here to see a few more pictures of her horrible outfits lately.

And because you can never watch and laugh at this too many times… Mom Jeans!


Lindsay & Ali Lohan Having Lunch

Well, it still doesn’t look like Ali eats… but she and Lindsay were spotted at a cafe in West Hollywood the other day.  I think I have become a little less mean in my old age but I have to say Ali looks terrible.  Her hair looks like mine in 2nd grade, when I chopped it all off and regretted it and didn’t want to go to school because it looked so bad.  It’s nice she doesn’t spray tan herself into an orange but a little make up wouldn’t hurt.  She was so cute when she was younger and doesn’t even look like the same person!

Not sure what kind of stuff Ali has going on… but in the last week I’ve heard Lindsay is $3 million in debt, there is video proof of the bar fight she’s denying she was involved in, and she still isn’t signed to Lifetime for the Elizabeth Taylor role.  The good news is she hasn’t been arrested or caught snorting coke since she last met with the judge.

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Lindsay & Ali Lohan Shopping

Lindsay Lohan acts like she doesn’t have a care in the world while shopping with her younger sister Ali.  Ali is a 17 year old model who is shockingly thin and used to be cute!

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Dina & Ali visit Lindsay Incarcerated

Remember how Amy Winehouse called her husband “MAH Blake Incarcerated” …

Well now Dina and Ali Lohan have to visit their Lilo Incarcerated.

TMZ said they were allowed to visit her during non-visiting hours, not sure why.

Click here for my gossip reports from Wednesday… all about Lindsay’s drugs in jail and who else is trying to go visit her!

Fame Pictures

Lohan Girls making milkshakes

Lindsay and Ali Lohan made the signature Lohan Milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood…

How long before they rip it off the menu?  I mean she gets booted from movies, fired from other gigs, and doesn’t show up for court – hopefully it’s a tasty treat and she can keep it going… it’s about all she has left!

Now originally the milkshake was chocolate & vanilla with oreo cookies, but she’s got some pink concoction in her hand so maybe they changed the formula?

Oh, and to see just how spectacular she looked last June when the milkshake was introduced, click here.

Photos: Fame Pictures

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Lindsay’s banged up arm!

Maybe y’all have seen this… I didn’t realize it was that bad until now.  Lindsay Lohan’s arm… look at that scar!!

She’s still in St. Barth’s on a much needed vacation with her sister Ali who is now looking more and more like Lindsay in a not so good kinda way.  She is still a kid!!!

Oh, and maybe they aren’t having much fun – clearly there is some tension in these pictures!!

Photos: Fame Pictures

The other Lohans got work!

The Lohans look so happy!!!

And they are damn happy about it!  Dina Lohan is pimping Ali & Cody out to Verizon…  They hosted an event at a NYC Verizon store and spun records, just like Auntie Sam – or ex-Auntie Sam – or whatever she is this week.

Could Cody look any more miserable.  He just wants to hang out with his friends instead of his mom & sister!

Ali & Cody LohanHe has pure evil in his eyes!!

Lindsay & Ali shopping

Lindsay & Ali shopping

What’s with Ali Lohan wearing a Samantha Ronson hat and where did her hair go?  A miserable looking Lindsay shops with her now better looking sister on Melrose on Saturday.