Kate Hudson with Ryder on Easter

Kate Hudson with Ryder

Kate Hudson out on Easter with her son Ryder… and I’m not sure who the other child is… a relative?  Is she dating anyone?  I’ve lost track of her… Ryder’s all dressed for the occasion, the other kid in jeans?  Is it me or does Ryder just look sad… he totally has his dad’s looks and disposition!

Celebs & their kids pics!

Halle & Nahla

There are so many celebrity babies & kids to look at… so instead of doing a post for each here are some of the cute ones from the last day or two… I feel bad for Sadie Sandler…

Owen & Jen

Jennifer Aniston was all flirty with Owen Wilson at the Marley & Me premiere last night.  I mean it’s cool to be a little friendly-affectionate but she was pawing all over him – and with John Mayer not far away!!  He was there!!  I didn’t see any pictures of them posing together though…

Photos: Splash News Online

Britney & Mel meet up again!

Britney Spears and Mel Gibson got together again Tuesday night at the private Havana Club Lounge in Hollywood… They arrived separately and Britney left an hour before Mel did. They were apparently talking business… what business could Britney & Mel possibly have with each other? Celebrities are SO BIZARRE!!

Nicole Richie going to traffic school

Nicole Richie must be hating this traffic school thing.  I’d be willing to bet… or hope at least… that having a baby made her grow up!  She would have been done a while ago but she stopped going while she was pregnant with Harlow Winter Kate Madden.  That name is just too long and it does not flow.  AT ALL.

Mariah’s “Mrs. Cannon” tattoo!!

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Oh I didn’t believe this either, but OPRAH WINFREY claims that when Mariah Carey was a guest on her show on April 14th, Nick Cannon was in the green room with her – and they were showing off Mariah’s “Mrs. Cannon” tattoo… Even before they were married!

The wedding was a “surprise” to just about everyone, but Oprah knew they had plans to get married on April 30 and says she wishes she had made more of a big deal about it when Mariah was on the show…

That’s going to be one bitch of a tattoo removal process!!