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Posts from the ‘TV’ Category

Michelle Duggar Helps Homophobic Bill Pass in Arkansas

Because hating on people based on their gender identity is soooo Christian.

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Chickadee Says Mama June Wiped Out Her Bank Account

Did Mama June use Chickadee's money to buy a car for the guy who molested her???

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VIDEO: SNL Cut This ‘Ferguson’ Skit from Saturday’s Show

Figures, SNL decides to cut the one skit that was actually kinda funny.

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VIDEO: Maroon 5 on ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ in 1997

Watch a young Adam Levine serenade Donna Martin Graduates and David Silver at a dance.

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Mama June & Sugar Bear are Workin’ It Out Y’all!

Looks like Sugar Bear has moved back in - but will TLC put the show back on the air?

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Ellen DeGeneres Stars in ’50 Shades of Grey’

And you thought 50 Shades couldn't possibly be any sexier...

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