Kathie Lee Gifford screwed up bigtime when she asked Martin Short multiple questions about his wife as if she were still alive… He just answered her questions and then after told her she passed away from ovarian cancer a year and a half ago.  Kathie then made a very awkward apology.  I am not even going to judge bc with my luck I will flub up the next interview I do and completely put my foot in my mouth!!!

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If you have a daughter or daughters you  must read this post from a mom blogger… It expresses exactly how every mom must feel while watching The Bachelor.  I can not stand the show and often wonder what kind of women put themselves in this situation – I would never subject myself to such petty competition over a man… It is superficiality at it’s finest and while the girls are pretty much all beautiful on the outside a lot of them turn out to be really ugly on the inside.

Just read this… you will love it if you have a little girl!


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I’ve never heard of this chick but she sure looks like Casey Anthony!

Heather Deveaux, mostly known from Canadian TV, has been cast as Casey Anthony in the Lifetime movie based on prosecutor John Aston’s book “Prosecuting Casey Anthony”.

Ashton will be played by Rob Lowe and slime ball defense attorney Jose Baez will be played by Oscar Nunez from The Office.

Some people are saying they will boycott Lifetime since this movie = profit from Caylee’s tragic death but curiosity might get the best of me… I read the book and all it did was solidify that girl is GUILTY as can be!!

Will you watch?

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Mick Jagger As Steven Tyler on SNL

I am so mad I missed this – will have to watch the clips tomorrow!

Mick Jagger was Steven Tyler on SNL tonight.  Did you watch?

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“The Carrie Diaries” Trailer

This looks like such a fun show!!  The Carrie Diaries will premiere next year and I can’t wait!!

I have never gotten into any shows on the CW but this looks so good and I need a Sex & The City fix.  The girl who plays Carrie is super cute, although she kind of reminds me of a pre-crackhead Lindsay Lohan with curly hair.  Her name is AnnaSophia Robb and she seems to pull of being Carrie Bradshaw really well.

What do you think?



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Old people rapping about inappropriate things crack me up!

Watch this video of 80 year old Granny G on America’s Got Talent last night.  She starts performing after the 3 minute mark.

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Rob Lowe is set to play Prosecutor Jeff Ashton in the Casey Anthony movie based on his book “Imperfect Justice”.

So far they haven’t cast anyone else… Who should play Casey?

My pick would be Shannen Doherty.  Not that she really looks like Casey at all, but she’s got that nasty coldness about her I could totally see it…

Who should play Jose Baez?  George Anthony, Cindy Anthony?

I actually read the book and it just solidifies her guilt.

Who knows what her deal is lately… She has apparently been staying with a Pastor and his family since she was released from jail.  Back in January that Pastor’s wife left a scathing voicemail for Casey and has a transcription of it.  She hasn’t really surfaced other than in those couple of videos that “leaked” online.

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A new season of The Bachelorette starts May 14 and ABC has just released the pictures of all the men who will be competing for Emily Maynard’s love… And by that I mean competing to get in her pants first.  Most of the guys have consulting or sales jobs, there’s a singer songwriter, a “party MC”, a race car driver, and a MUSHROOM FARMER?

I don’t really watch this show anymore because it is so phony and it’s pretty ridiculous how they just keep recycling people from one season to the next!!

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