Pregnant Tori Spelling In A Monokini

As a pregnant girl I know it is rough to find a bathing suit that looks good… Tori Spelling actually looks fabulous, especially since she’s popped out 3 kids and is carrying #4… but that monokini does not look good!!!

I think my main problem with it is the bottom doesn’t cover enough of her hoo-hah!

And while we’re on the subject of finding a good bathing suit while pregnant, I got a bikini at Old Navy last week that I really liked.  It actually didn’t make me look like the whale I feel like… not maternity size, just a size bigger than I usually wear…  my boyfriend said it looked good too… So I was pretty psyched.

I wore it ONCE, and our friend’s dog ate the bottom while we were staying with them at the beach over the weekend!!  And now I can’t find the bottom in my size online or in the store to replace it…

Anyway, what do you think of the monokini???

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Ugh Tori Spelling & family

WHAT is she wearing??

The UGH is directed at THIS picture of Tori Spelling… what is she wearing?  And what is on her lips?  And what is on her head?  She went out to dinner with her hubby Dean McDermott last night… and then on Sunday they took Liam out to lunch.  I like her white dress, but she needs to give Christina Aguilera her gross lipstick back.

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Tori & Dean plus 2

Tori & Dean plus 2

Tori Spellings little girl Stella is SO cute!!  She’s one of the cutest celebrity babies… Should be interesting to see if she continues to grow up looking just like her daddy.  Liam’s cute too… but the little girl is just precious!

Cute family!Really, she looks just like daddy!Luckily NOT like mommy :(

Tori and mini-Dean – STELLA!

Tori Spelling and her daughter Stella

Little Stella looks JUST like her daddy!!  Lucky girl, I wouldn’t wish her mom’s – or her grandfather’s – looks on anyone… Dean makes CUTE babies!

Tori & Dean with the family

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott out with their kids Liam & Stella.  Tori looks good, I think her jeans are TOO BIG!!

Wish I had that problem.

Dean McDermott paints his toenails.

Dean McDermott & Tori Spelling went shopping without the kids… She just popped out a kid 2 weeks ago – little Stella Doreen – and she looks great… a lot healthier than Donna Martin graduates!

Now the question is, does she paint her husband’s toenails or does he do that on his own?  I know some dudes get pedicures and get the clear polish, and others paint their toenails or nails black if they’re punk, but what is up with Dean??  And the color is a sparkly tan!!

Photos: Splash News Online

Tori Spelling out for ice cream…

Tori Spelling is going to POP soon… Her boob is already popping out of her dress… you can kinda see her stretch marks.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just wouldn’t want everyone to see…  She went out for ice cream with her husband and son, then got her nails done while housing the sundae!

Photos: Splash News Online

Tori Spelling lets it hang out!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took their son Liam to the Pink’s Hot Dog Hall of Fame to celebrate the upcoming season of their TV show.  She’s also super happy to be guest starring in some episodes of the new Beverly Hills, 90210 (thanks Erin!!)

There’s really no reason for her boob to almost fall out like that.

Photos: Splash News Online