This is Eve.

This is Eve’s crack…

Photos: Flynet Pictures

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Tila Tequila bends over… EW!!!

She is so gross, front back and bending over… Nasty girl!!

She went to the Howard Stern Show, so I can understand her dressing like a complete hooker – but she could have covered up a LITTLE before she got in the studio with them…

OK, and isn’t she supposed to be pregnant?  She and The Game made a baby, and her now dead wife was supposed to be the other mother… she doesn’t look pregnant at all – and she started talking about it over 4 months ago so where is the baby bump???  I’m so confused.

I checked her blog and found no mention of a baby… then again I could only stand to read about 2 pages of it and then I gave up.  That this girl who lacks brains, looks, and tact is so famous… EW!!!!  Say it again, EWWWW!!!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

Alicia Keys I see your thong!

Splash News Online

Alicia Keys was on David Letterman to promote her new CD “As I Am”… Definitely not a good dress choice.  It doesn’t flatter hear at all and you can see her thong th th thong thong… Oh Lord remember that song??

There she is from the back… and a front view – clearly she’s uncomfortable!



Must be nice to be able to give  your kid a $20 bill to play with… I would never let my daughter play with a precious 2o… what if she  dropped it??   Jennifer Garner probably shouldn’t be giving the child  dirty money anyway…  germs!!   

There’s a few pictures of Violet crying to…  I’ve never seen any pictures of her crying… but unlike some other mother we  know, Jen looks concerned… she’s also  wearing a flesh colored thong!!


Gisele Bundchen ridin’ bikes.


Gisele Bundchen showed off her thong (click the picture below) as she rode her bike with her sister over the weekend… I wish we could see the tag… Are they Victoria’s Secret or is she boycotting them since they canned her little ass?


Jodie Foster Wears Thongs

Even Jodie Foster isn’t immune to the evil paparazzi… or the evil blogger like me who take sick pleasure in posting pictures of celebrities bent over.

See, they’re just like you and me, thong hanging out and all!

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