Drunk Tara Reid Is Back!

Not that I think she’s ever really stopped drinking but it’s been a while since I’ve seen pictures of her trashed.  She went to a yacht party in Cannes and was all over 60 year old jeweler Fawaz Grousi.

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Tara Reid, Michael Lillelund, Denmark, Danish, Lunch, Date, Couple

Never thought I’d say this, but Tara Reid and Michael Lillelund (her danish businessman boyfriend) are the real deal.  I’m reversing my previous opinion, I think they’re cute together.  They were out having lunch and it looks like they were having a good time talking about the paparazzi amongst themselves.

The big question is, could we be hearing wedding bells in their future?  I know they only met this summer but they’re practically inseparable.  I think it’s a possibility!

Fame Pictures

See More Pictures of the couple:

Tara Reid and Michael Lillelund together during New Years

Tara Reid and Michael Lillelund Making Out

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Has Tara Reid Cleaned Up Her Act?

Tara Reid, Denmark, New Years, Dress, Fashion, Evening Dress,

I’m looking at these pictures of Tara Reid and her Danish Businessman Boyfriend from New Years, and I think we might be seeing a new Tara.  Has she cleaned up her act?  She certainly looks much more classy (and even happy) in all the recent pictures I’ve seen.

Could she be getting ready to settle down with Michael Lillelund?

Uffe Kongsted/Fame Pictures

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Tara Reid and her Boyfriend Make Out

Tara Reid, Denmark, Traveling

Maybe it’s because I’m single, and we just had the holidays so I’m kinda cranky but these photos gross me out.   Tara Reid was practically making out with her new Danish Boyfriend, Michael Lillelund in front of the cameras in Copenhagen yesterday.


Tara Reid needs a VIP Room

Seriously, how gangsta is that hat?

Really???  The funniest thing is that I bet in most places she wouldn’t get a VIP Room!!!

She is the only person on this planet who aspires to Lindsay Lohan.

It’s also been suggested she had work done on her face… I’d concur.

Fame Pictures

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Crazy Drunk Tara Reid

You know how I looooove Tara Reid right!!

Look at these gems!  She is such a mess… partying in St. Tropez like she’s Paris Hilton or something.  She and her friends got pulled over for running a red light, and Tara tried to give the officer a CD??  They were let off with a warning… luckily Tara wasn’t driving because from the looks of her she’s pretty freaking hammered!


Tara Reid engaged to this guy?

What?  She’s engaged?  Tara Reid and her fiance.  His name is Michael Axtmann.  He is 25.  She is 34.

She looks slightly less trashy – I guess she figured she has a guy so why keep showing her boobs and ass…

Tara Reid all CLEANED UP!

Tara Reid Presenting The New BlackBerry Gold In Germany

Tara Reid cleaned up nice for Blackberry.  Oooh I’m so sober – I can hold a phone!

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