Rihanna is wearing nothing but a little bit of crocodile skin in her new video “Where Have You Been” – check out the pics she shared.

I’m starting to think she needs to move to a nudist camp.  She loves being as naked as possible!

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Rihanna was apparently admitted to the hospital the other night after suffering from “exhaustion”.  Last night she sent out an Instagram picture of an IV in her arm.  This morning she assured fans she is OK and was on her way back to LA.  She missed her SNL rehearsal over the weekend because she was sick and mentioned she wasn’t feeling well on Twitter a few times earlier this week.

I love how celebrities are always suffering from “exhaustion” when they go into the hospital… and it’s always the ones who we see/hear about partying like the rock stars they are…. hmmmmmmmmmmm…

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Rihanna Goes On A Date With A Chick

Rihanna is “dating” a girl!

Now who knows whether or not they are actually hooking up or if they’re just BFFs messing around for the sake of making people go nuts… but the Twitter pictures are definitely sexy.  I don’t have my friends take pictures of me in my open bathrobe before going out for a friendly dinner!  The pics of Rihanna in her robe were apparently sent out via Twitter by her “lover” Melissa Forde.  They have been friends for a long time but held hands and referred to their night out on Thursday as a “date”.  The last 2 pics are others of Melissa so you can see what she looks like…

Do you think this is for real?  Or is Rihanna just doing the whole “dating a girl” thing for even more attention?

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Rihanna just loves to show off her body I guess… She posted a bunch of pictures from a recent vacation on her Facebook page.  She even took her top off in one of them!

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WTF Is She Wearing: Rihanna on MTV

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Rhianna was on MTV’s “The Seven” yesterday, doing a “live” performance in Times Square wearing… I have no idea what the hell she was wearing.

The red hair is one thing, I’ll give her a pass on that but the clashy tribal jacket mess and those “nappy shorts” or whatever the hell they are.  It looks like she’s wearing depends.

Dana will attest, I have no right to call anyone out on style but this is rediculous.

RiRi, you are NOT GaGa.  Fire your stylist.

Girlie/Fame Pictures

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Crazy Red Hair Rihanna

I don’t know which is crazier – her Bozo the clown red hair… or the darker than flesh colored spandex spanx things she’s wearing.  What are they supposed to be??  A hot layer of long tight undershorts?


Eminem & Rihanna “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Megan Fox!


Rihanna & Matt Kemp get iPhones?

Rihanna and Matt Kemp had to have their iPhones yesterday just like every other tech-junkie I have to have cool toys just because I can person out there… I saw people standing in a line down the street in 100 degree heat with umbrellas to block the sun… and the line barely moved!!  INSANE!  I mean can’t you just order the thing online and wait a few days for it to be delivered to your home??  All this over a phone.

Or wait, now that I think about it, could you get the phones at AT&T stores or did you have to go to Apple?  See, I am clueless..

Good for Rihanna, she seems to be enjoying life with Matt Kemp.  Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be a nutbag.

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