Is Paula Abdul a drunk?

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There’s Paula Abdul being her special and unique and talented self at the LupusLA dinner last night… Do you think she’s a drunk?  Or is she just weird?


She struck a few more poses…  If she’s not on something, she’s quite a good natural lush.

Show me now!


 I really want to see the video of Paula Abdul on Letterman last night because apparently she was telling crazy stories about fans, and claims someone stole her urine sample at the gynocologist’s office!  She also said she’s not excited about Idol anymore, and then said of course she’s excited about it…  She annoys me so much.  Her comments make no sense half the time, but I guess that’s what makes her interesting.


Paula “hiccups” on American Idol!


This video doesn’t even do it justice.  I have to DVR the show since I work at night, so I watched it earlier today and believe me, she belched LOUD!  It SCARED ME!!

What you don’t see is this kid’s ATROCIOUS performance, and at the end someone says he cured Paula’s hiccups.

Hmmm… she was late, er, well, her “plane” was late, then she has the hiccups… was Paula boozin’ up before the show???

I’ve made a commitment to follow this season, just in case you care.

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Paula Abdul shows lots of cleavage…


Paula Abdul attended a party for a fashion designer…

I just want to say I really appreciate Paula sharing her gifts with us.  I really do, each and every one of them.   She is so gifted.


Paula Abdul’s bizarre Emmy dress…

Paula Abdul

So am I the only one who saw Paula Abdul’s dress and thought “oops!” her bra is showing… and then realized, no, this dress was designed to look like a wardrobe malfunction but it’s really the “style” of the dress? 

Anyone think this is a good look???

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul’s suspender issue…

Paula Abdul

OK what the hell is Paula Abdul doing with her suspenders in these pictures???  It’s bad enough she’s even wearing them because they’re so ridiculous looking, and that shirt, blah, but she’s got both straps on in one picture… then she took a strap down (hey it happens) but what really confuses me is the crossed one… she’s so wacky!!

Paula AbdulPaula AbdulPaula Abdul

Paula Abdul

There’s Paula Abdul walking down the street on the phone with her fake smile – I’m sure she’s whining to someone about something…

 Now according to MTV, Paula was let go from her position with the Bratz movie… and it wasn’t just about scheduling conflicts.  In her new reality show “Hey Paula”, she receives an email about the movie and they basically tell her they don’t need her!  She starts crying…

Other people still swear it was scheduling conflicts.

Paula AbdulPaula AbdulPaula Abdul

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Paula Abdul in London


Paula Abdul looks surprisingly cool, collected, and sober, after leaving Yves St. Laurent in London.  She’s releasing a new fragrance called “Sexy Thoughts” – must be named after what goes through her mind when watching young male contestents on American Idol or something.  Whatever Paula, good luck with that.