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Paris and Nicky Hilton went to the pet store yesterday to get some supplies for their doggies in West Hollywood, CA.

PetCo – Where the pets go… and the celebutards too.

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Paris and her Weird Puppy Costumes

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Paris Hilton was spotted at Chateau Marmont with her puppies in tow, sporting… costumes.

Seriously?  Is that one wearing a duck costume?  And is she wearing a hippy costume or is that just her outfit?

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Paris Hilton’s New Doggy

Paris Hilton, Celebrity Sex tape, Paris, Celebrity Pets, Pets, Dogs, Sex

Paris Hilton has a new accessory puppy.  Look how tiny it is!

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Paris Hilton in Vegas Court

Paris Hilton faced the judge and was sentenced to a $2,000 fine, 200 hours of community service, and 1 year of probation.  If she so much as runs a red light in the state of Nevada she goes to the clink for a year.

She’s vowed to give up the party life.


Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine!

Paris Hilton was arrested in Vegas last night for possession of cocaine!

And we thought she was just a big pot-head :)

Actually, it was the pot smoke cloud coming from the car that led to her being pulled over… then they found coke on her too!

Click here for the full story.

That photo, of course, is from her infamous tear-infused ride to the clink in 2007…

Paris as Marilyn Monroe

Paris Hilton and her huge pushed up and pushed out and pushed together boobs pimp her new perfume, Tease.

She looks TACKY!!!!


Paris Parties In Ibiza

She’s such an international party super star!

Paris Hilton is working the clubs in Ibiza, Spain now.  Doug Reinhardt, Tara Reid, and other followers can’t be far behind…

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Paris Hilton partied it upskirt this weekend!

Her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt was there too… Apparently it’s no coincidence they are in the same club in France at the same time.  But who wants who back??

They are both messes!!

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