Paris Hilton & Afrojack Broke Up

It was never going to last anyway… Paris Hilton and Afrojack have called it quits after about 6 months of dating.  They started hanging out at the end of last year, spent New Year’s together, and then Afrojack moved in with her… Things moved quickly.

But he never really wanted anything serious to begin with and she is ready to settle down.  He helped her with her album that is set to be released in a few months… Of course he’s taken a lot of heat for it since nobody takes Paris seriously as an artist but he actually believes in her.  She’s also apparently collaborated with David Guetta and LMFAO!

Did they not ever hear her first attempt at making a record???


Anyway, according to they broke up.

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Paris Hilton Still Has Fans In Cannes

Paris Hilton appeared to be completely psyched in Cannes over the weekend – people were asking for her autograph and swarming around her… Does that even happen to her in the US anymore?  She is so 2004.

And I can’t believe Miss Perfect has lipstick on her teeth.

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Paris Hilton Has Let Herself Go!

I guess now that Paris Hilton’s fame has faded – I mean let’s face it, nobody pays attention to her anymore – she’s decided to just say screw it and walk around with her hair a mess, no make up, and no bra.  Looks like I even see a zit on her chin!

A few years ago we NEVER would have seen pictures of Paris looking this sloppy… I go out of the house like this all the time (well, with a bra on) but she just doesn’t seem to care anymore!

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Paris Hilton Out With Her Dogs

Paris Hilton took her dogs to visit a friend.

She also started seeing the director of “The Hangover” – we’ll see how long this lasts…

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Paris Hilton, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Smart phone, texting, smartphone, droid,

BUSTED!  Paris was caught texting by some intrepid paparazzi photogs.  In the state of California, it’s illegal, and earlier this week we had a Zero-Tolerance day in California.  Anyone caught texting or talking without a hands-free device was ticketed, no questions asked.

I wonder how many celebs got caught!

Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Purple, Los Angeles, Socialite

Paris Hilton recently announced her “well wishes” for Charlie Sheen in his rehabilitation stint according to E!.  Whatever that means.

Paris doesn’t exactly have a squeaky clean past either.

Yesterday she went to lunch with Nicky.  Rockin the Purple:

Jimmy/Fame Pictures

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Is Paris Hilton Pregnant?

Paris Hilton, Maternity, Maturnity, Paternity, Pregnancy, Baby, Infant, Child

Paris Hilton has either gained a little weight, or is Pregnant.

Photogs noticed it when she arrived at the Supermartxe VIP Party in Madrid, Spain.

God I hope it’s just weight gain.  Imagine that child.

Target/FAME Pictures

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Dirty Afternoon Delight

LeAnn Rimes commented on her Ex-Hubby’s engagement.

See Paris Hilton.  See Paris Hilton try to play Tennis.  See Paris Hilton’s Butt while she attempts to play tennis.

Cher is still having issues with her son’s gender.

David Arquette blames Courtney Cox for the split.

So who exactly is this Eric Johnson guy that Jessica Simpson is engaged to?

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