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Good Lord Amy.  Apparently Amy Winehouse got so drunk the other day that she forgot where her boobs were.  Definitely NSFW.  Don’t click it if you don’t wanna see ‘em!

See Amy Winehouse’s MAJOR Nip Slip

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Little Cold there Cher?

Cher, Cher's Nipples, Nip Slip, Boobs, TaTas, Nerps, Burlesque Premiere

Things that make you go Blehhhhh.

Apparently Cher was showing off some nippleage at the Burlesque Premiere in Madrid, Spain.  It’s nothing new for Cher, but still.  Must’ve been cold.

Target/Fame Pictures

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Titla Tequila!

Tila Tequila showing off some HLA with her fiance Casey Johnson

Tila Tequila did some PDA, showed some bling, and had a wardrobe malfunction, all in one night!  At Snoop’s party.


Photos: Fame Pictures

Lady Gaga’s nipple slip!

Lady Gaga performing

Lady Gaga performing in Columbiahalle, Germany… they got quite a show, I’d rather look at her nipple than her face anyway!!

Lady Gaga's nippleLady Gaga wardrobe malfunction

J-Lo’s Areo-La!

Jennifer Lopez low cut dress

Uh oh – Jennifer Lopez got caught with her nipple totally hanging out of her dress the other night!  Second pic shows the J-Lo-areo-la!

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Which Simpson had a near NIP SLIP??

They look happy.

Look at how pissed off Jessica Simpson looks… with her super cute shoes, blue toenails, orange tropical dress, yellow purse, and orange lipstick… She and Tony look miserable though.  Well, he looks like the camera flashes are in his eyes, she looks miserable.

So Tina Simpson almost had a nipple slip, her big bajangoes are totally popping out of her top.  Gross, nasty and disgusting all at once.

Minor Taylor Swift Slip of the Nip

Taylor Swift nipple slip

Very very very minor nipple slip, if you blow it up you can see it… just a little, but it’s there!!

Amy Winehouse FLIRTING on the beach!

Usually she can't even stand on her FEET!

Amy Winehouse is still on vacation in St. Lucia… She decided to put a bikini top on and cover up her lovely boobies – but she can’t seem to keep the thing on!

She’s also got the attention of SEVERAL men on the beach… Cracks me up!  In a few of the pictures she is all flirting as if she’s somehow remotely sexually attractive.

Hey, at least she’s been cleaned in salt water!!!!

Check out the photo album for lots of Amy-Action.