WTF is on your face Nicole Richie?

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What the HELL kind of glasses is she wearing?  Seriously, did Nicole Richie steal from the  “Pink Lady” wardrobe from Grease?  Apparently they’re Chanel but I swear I thought she had aged 30 years when I first saw the photo.  They are NOT very attractive on her.  She looks like Joan freakin’ Rivers.

She’s in France too, isn’t there some kind of law against bad fashion there?  Oh wait, they have berets.  Nevermind.

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are rumored to be getting hitched in just a few short weeks, and Nicole is determined to fit in that wedding dress.  She’s been working out for awhile now, and it seems like you always see pictures of her with some sort of health drink in her hand.

She was spotted yesterday leaving a gym in Studio City, California and looks great.

LRR/Fame Pictures

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Is Nicole Richie going for her PhD in moving violations?  Seriously she has been in traffic school for 3 years!!!

Fame Pictures

Nicole Richie has been attending driving school longer than some people attend college!!  She’s in her 4th year of court-ordered driving education… I think she put it off at some point and had to start up again, but still!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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Nicole & Harlow leaving ballet

Harlow Winter Kate Ballerina and mom Nicole Richie leaving dance class.  So cute!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

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Nicole Richie has been going to traffic school since she was pregnant with Harlow!!  It’s been years!  And like she even needs a license, I’d just hire a driver forever… By the way, pregnancies have done her boobs good!

Photos: Fame Pictures

Nicole & Joel with Harlow

Harlow Winter Kate Madden looks adorable with little braids in her hair!

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Nicole Richie & Joel Madden ENGAGED!

After 3 years of dating and 2 babies… Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have decided to take the marriage plunge… hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the end like it can be for so many couples who do things “backwards”!

Nicole announced on Letterman last night that she and Joel are engaged!

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