Lauren Conrad & Nicky Hilton went to Crown Bar with friends.  I don’t know if they are friends or not… Nicky’s a real socialite, Lauren kind of became one by accident, right?  By chance that she got on that stupid show?  I could be wrong, I don’t watch the show, and my comments aren’t working so if you need to correct me, email me!

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The Nylon MySpace party…

Mischa Barton looked incredibly bad at the Nylon MySpace party… Seriously, the hair, the make-up, the yellowing smoker’s teeth, the turtleneck lace tablecloth dress, the hideous suede jacket, the front of leg cellulite (enlarge the picture, you’ll see what I mean), and the Keds – which on their own aren’t bad but they don’t go with the ugly outfit… She just irritates me, it’s like she tries to look bad!!!

Nicky Hilton is wearing some shiny spandex… and Brittany Gastineau looks about 50 years old!

Nicky Hilton in Beverly Hills yesterday.  That’s a Valentino bag.  It probably costs more than I make in a year.  Sick!  Nicky is so boring but for some reason I like looking at pictures of her.  What about you?

Photo: Splash News Online


Nicky Hilton – once again the victim of “bad photography” that makes her look too skinny – shopping on Melrose Ave. in hot pink shoes.  Duh, everyone knows the camera subtracts 10 pounds!



Nicky Hilton just launched another line of clothing called Nicolai… She is annoyed with the latest reports that she has an eating disorder and blames “bad photography” for some of the recent pictures of her looking extremely thin… I don’t know, she’s always been skinny but lately she looks ridiculously thin… not so bad in these pictures though…

Someone pointed out on one of the message boards I read that Nicky is dating the same guy Mary Kate Olsen was dating for a while when she was at her worst with her eating disorder… I wonder if David Katzenburg has a thing for stick figures??  Sad… 


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Is Nicky Hilton getting too thin?


Nicky Hilton is looking REALLY thin these days… she’s always been small but her leg is scary looking in that picture taken the other day… Found these on – they always have great stuff! 


Paris & Nicky Hilton at a party…


Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton go to a party… Paris’s dress looks like a placemat you could buy at Target.


Another Paris Birthday Bash!


Paris Hilton gets like a week of birthday parties… This one with her sister Nicky on Saturday night. 


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