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Mischa Barton took her dog to the Salon on Saturday.  Which one got their hair done?

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Mischa’s a MESS!!

I don’t know what else to say, she is just a mess!!!

I can’t even read everything on her t-shirt but she’s just ridiculous!!  She’s also sucking face with her boyfriend Alexander Nice.  Yummy.

Click here to see what my t-shirt said today :)


Mischa Barton Gas Station Adventure

Mischa Barton had a very strange adventure at the gas station.  She was escorted by 2 police officers, then talked to some dude in a hospital gown, rocked a camel toe, and had a fan pump her gas.

She’s also apparently concerned about the rising cost of fuel as she’s keeping an eye on the pump meter!

I saw a great quote the other day and I think it’s fitting for these photos:

Leggings are not pants.


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Mischa Barton out in style

Mischa Barton quite possibly looking her BEST EVER!!!!

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Mischa Barton’s Crazy Looks!

Mischa Barton changed her look several times in the last 48 hours… Here are a few of them!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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Mischa Barton on Law & Order

Mischa Barton is doing a stint on Law & Order, she is playing either a hooker or a starlet.  I actually love the Uggs she’s wearing in some of the pictures!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

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Mischa Barton: Sexy Millionaire

Mischa Barton is on the cover of a Spanish magazine… they are calling her a sexy millionaire.  It’s amazing to me how good they make this girl look!!  She is a slobby mess walking down the street with her cellulite and cigarettes and then she’s all hot and sexy as a centerfold.  Good gig if you can get it!!

Mischa Barton dazed & confused


Oh my Mischa!

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