WTF Is Up With the Kitten Miley?

Miley Cyrus cat

Admittedly I’ve been living under a rock for the last several months when it comes to keeping up with celebrities.  When I stopped being on the radio full time I shifted my focus to other things so for all I know I’m the only one who thought “WTF?” when I saw Miley Cyrus come on stage last night wearing a cat bikini with a massive kitten singing next to her.

Here are a few things that came to mind:

  • She’s being punkd and has no idea there is a giant kitten behind her.
  • She was going to do a duet with Britney Spears but found a kitten that could actually lip sync better.
  • She was smoking too much salvia and thought it would be “rully cool” to have a giant kitten sing w her.
  • She wanted to clean up her image and figured people would forget about her humping a foam finger and smoking weed on stage if she performed with a cute little kitten.

No, wait… I know what it was…

The only way she could top the aforementioned performances was to show her pussy on stage.

Actually, a quick Google search answered the WTF question – apparently someone made a “Wrecking Ball” parody video using a kitten and then a bunch of other people made kitten videos so Miley was just playing on that.

And then there is this one in which a kitten actually rides a yarn wrecking ball.

Since you haven’t seen enough, here is a cat accompanying Miley on the piano.

Who knew?

Here’s Miley’s performance from the American Music Awards last night.  Yes, you can show your children, it’s just Miley and a cute little kitten, awww… see, she’s not so bad!

You can click on the videos to watch them.  I have no idea why they are not embedding properly.  It may have something to do with the video player code I have installed for the purpose of running ads through my former network.  I’ll try to figure it out.  In the meantime, thanks for reading and sharing!

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She can deny it all she wants, Miley Cyrus named her new dog Mary Jane for one reason and one reason only… Nobody names anything Mary Jane for any other reason besides an ode to the wacky tabacky.

I’m all for legalizing it… but when you’re Miley Cyrus you should probably name your dog something else to avoid the inevitable judgement and controversy.


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Miley Cyrus White T, No Bra!

This is the ONLY picture I will post – because in all of the other ones you can very clearly see this 17 year old’s boobs!  Thin white t-shirt, no bra, sunshine and camera flashes… and her mother was with her!  Shame on you Miley Cyrus – she knows she is being a pig!!  And so does her mother.

Then again, Tish Cyrus is the one who watches this happen and cheers her little girl on.  The Parents Television Council is outraged over the “Who Owns My Heart” video… it should be “Who Owns My Pants” and why won’t they give them back I’m only seventeen!!

And these people are SICK for taking pictures she is a minor right???  In most states anyway!!!

It gets worse!  Miley’s little sister Noah Cyrus was with her, wearing a padded teeny boober bra – at the age of 10 – all showing under a tank top!

Am I overreacting here?

Fame Pictures

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Miley’s Barbie Dashboard

For real, are those Barbies?

Or Hannah Montana dolls?

Why does Miley Cyrus have ratty looking dolls on her dashboard?

Did they block her view and that’s why she hit someone’s car?

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Miley Cyrus dancing at the club

I wonder if that is one of those drug-laced lollipops that Britney Spears used to walk around with… remember that???

Miley Cyrus partied at The VIP Room in Paris on Sunday night.

Miley, boy toy & Ashley film LOL

Miley Cyrus & Douglas Booth have been getting close – on and off the set!  They’re filming LOL in Paris.  Ashley Greene is the scantily clad one… finally someone out-skanks Miley!


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Miley Cyrus (faux) Lesbian Kiss!

Miley Cyrus just can’t stop trying to shock viewers, and she is definitely not family-fun-friendly anymore!

She was invited to perform her new song “Can’t Be Tamed” on Britain’s Got Talent… but I’m sure the producers had no idea she was going to engage in a faux-mini-make-out session with one of her female back-up dancers!


It happens at about 1:07, after the lyric “tell ya ta go ta hell yah” – CLASS ACT ALL AROUND, way to go Billy Ray!

Oh, and another highlight of the video, one of the male dancers going for a tune in Tokyo – but Miley pushes him away.

Click here for more from Contact Music.


Here’s Miley Cyrus, showing us she’s a grown up.  She won’t be 18 until November 23, but her daddy don’t mind her dancin’ on stage like this so why should we?