Mena Suvari out in Santa Monica


Mena Suvari does not look all that cute in these pictures… The short hair is cute with certain outfits I guess, this dress not being one of them.  Very unflatterring!!!

Do we know yet why she shaved her head??


Mena Suvari on the beach…


Mena Suvari on the beach with her shaved head… I want to see her without her sunglasses on to see what it really looks like on her.  I have always had such a girlcrush on her!!

I’m going to start making a note of it when I write nice comment since I’ve had a few people tell me I must be unhappy because I don’t have anything nice to say… I say nice things about the celebrities I like!!


Mena Suvari shaved her head!

Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari went out to dinner the other night with a shaved head!!  But why??  Nobody knows.  It’s apparently not for a movie role or anything… she just did it.

I LOVE her, she’s so super cute with her long hair, I wonder what she looks like now without her glasses on… and I wonder if we’ll find out why she did this… attention???

Mena SuvariMena SuvariMena Suvari

Mena Suvari Shopping

I like her much better with blonde hair… she is so adorable but I don’t like that color or the bangs!

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