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Watch Megan Fox Answer The Pregnancy Question

Megan Fox was on Entertainment Tonight and despite the “no personal questions” request from her publicist, she was asked about having a baby…

She giggles through her answer and then the publicist ends the interview!


What do you think? Is she or isn’t she?

Megan Fox wants a baby!

A friend of Megan Fox’s is blabbing to the press saying she’s ready to have a baby.

Megan also recently spoke about her involvement in her hubby Brian Austin Green’s son’s life – she says she’s been a stepmother to Kassius since he was 3 (he is now 8) and that while nobody sees her in that regard she has never had a problem keeping up with bedtime stories and school runs!

Megan Fox… a mom?  She will be a MILF for sure!!

I think I just don’t picture her the mothering type because she’s always been open about how emotionally unstable she is!!  Imagine her pregnant… or post-pardum?

Megan Fox, a bikini, and a 6 pack.

Wow, girl has got a smoking body.  She and Brian Austin Green have matching abs… their belly buttons even look alike!!

Anyone looking closely at these pictures cares nothing about what I have to say… so enjoy.


Megan Fox shows her pink bra

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green left LAX for Hawaii the other day…  Megan “forgot” to finish buttoning her shirt, oops! The good news is she and BAG look very happy!  I still can’t believe she turned down Transformers 3 because she didn’t want to gain a few lbs.  But I guess she banked enough off the 1st 2 and her other work to not worry about it!  I wonder who will replace her!!


Megan Fox, oh so sad!

Gorgeous as hell, but still sad.  What’s wrong with cuckoo Megan Fox now?  Did she tell Brian Austin Green she wants to kill him again or something?  Crazy/Beautiful is her middle name!!

Photos: Fame Pictures

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green together…

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green out with Kassius

They’re in an “on-again” phase right now, Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green took his son Kassius out for Chinese food yesterday.

Photos: Fame Pictures

Megan Fox Flips It!

Megan Fox F U!!!!!!!

Megan Fox on a good day.  She has a bad attitude, like not looking at herself and rejecting Shia, dumping Brian Austin Green… you think she could end up like Lindsay Lohan?  Does she party?

Megan Fox in Esquire Magazine – HOTNESS!

Megan Fox on Esquire Magazine

Megan Fox in Esquire Magazine.  Damn.

In one of them she looks a little mannish… you’ll see.