E! News asked John Legend what he thinks about Britney Spears and Demi Lovato judging X Factor and he said “it’s interesting… they aren’t really singers.”

Huh?  OK I can see the Britney statement because they do a lot to her voice and she really doesn’t sing live very often, but Demi Lovato has a good voice!  And is it just me or does he appear to be really really high???

Also in the clip, Rex Lee from Glee says Lindsay Lohan is “nice… but not professional” on the set and that working with her was “an ordeal.”

Do you think this look is the result of too much botox or too much crack?


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It’s been a while since Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have been out together… but according to X17 they were “canoodling” at a club in NYC last night and left holding hands.

Looks like Lindsay is back on the train… how long before the wreck??

I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that Sam is all over Lindsay again – and getting the publicity that goes along with it –  the same week she releases a new song?

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It’s just insane that our country has come to the point where a dipsh*t like Lindsay Lohan is invited to a White House Correspondents dinner… It is even more insane that she is still such a mess she missed her flight!!!

According to TMZ, Lindsay was out late last night (after being hours late to the Glee set) and just couldn’t make it to LAX in time for her 1pm flight this afternoon.  Her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley and George Clooney, who will also be attending the dinner, were there on time… Lilo is supposed to get on a later flight.

What could she possibly have to offer this country?  Kim Kardashian is going too… Maybe if they put their heads together they could really solve this country’s problems!

Or maybe if Americans got their heads out of their a**es and stopped believing everything they hear on Fox or CNN (depending on which side of the left-right farce you opt to believe in) things would get done or at least start to change… But anyway.

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There’s Lindsay Lohan working hard on the set of Glee.  She will make a guest appearance as a judge at Nationals on an upcoming episode.

Apparently she isn’t making a good impression on her cast mates… Lindsay was 3 hours late – and her rep admits it but says it was a “misunderstanding”.  She also acted like a diva and didn’t know her lines according to an anonymous source on the set.

Dot Marie Jones who plays Coach Bieste sent out a Tweet that said: “Gonna be a long day!! Some ppl show up late and just throw a wrench in things. Not cool! I’d rather be an hour early (I was) than 5 minutes late.”  It was quickly removed though…

Isn’t it just unbelievable that this girl is still a disaster?  Can she ever get her shiz together?  You would think that considering she’s barely got a career left and has had more chances at a comeback than Britney Spears she would smarten up… What could be more important than an appearance on a hit Fox TV show when the only other thing you have going for you is a Lifetime movie???

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This morning on the Today Show Rosie O’Donnell slammed Lindsay Lohan and said she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to be playing Elizabeth Taylor.  Rosie said she hasn’t done anything good since she was 16, pointed out how she struggled with her SNL performance, and called her a crackhead!

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While I don’t disagree with some of what Rosie said, I think she should shut her trap considering her lame show just got booted from the Oprah network!  When was the last time Rosie had a smash hit?  I don’t think she’s had anything huge since her Rosie show that was on in the 90’s when she used to gush over Tom Cruise every freaking day…

Of course Michael Lohan is always the first to come to his estranged daughter’s defense… He’s firing back at Rosie and spoke to Gossipcop.com earlier today:

“He/she who is without sin, let them cast the first stone and judge not lest you be judged,” says Lohan, going on to note O’Donnell’s “failed marriage, two failed shows, slamming other celebs and high profile people. Please!”

He acknowledges, “My daughter and even I may have had our issues in life, but it’s about making things right and turning things around… I was and am the first one to point out my own faults, Lindsay’s and even others when we are wrong, but when we are not, I will fight tooth and nail for what’s right!”

Lohan continues, “In this case, Rosie, you are wrong. So why don’t you… just sit back. Shut up and see if Lindsay proves herself before blabbing your unwarranted opinions.”

You know who needs to get in on this action – Donald Trump!  He just LOVES to trash talk Rosie so we’ll see if he seizes the opportunity…

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As of last week we weren’t sure if Lindsay Lohan was going to get the part… but it’s official!

Lifetime TV executives confirm Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming film about her life.

Robert Sharenow, EVP of Programming for Lifetime, said “We are thrilled Lindsay will portray beloved Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, she is one of the rare actresses who possesses the talent, beauty and intrigue to capture the spirit of such a provocative icon.”

Lindsay says she is “honored” to play her… Hopefully she stays out of trouble long enough to get the movie made!


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Lindsay & Ali Lohan Having Lunch

Well, it still doesn’t look like Ali eats… but she and Lindsay were spotted at a cafe in West Hollywood the other day.  I think I have become a little less mean in my old age but I have to say Ali looks terrible.  Her hair looks like mine in 2nd grade, when I chopped it all off and regretted it and didn’t want to go to school because it looked so bad.  It’s nice she doesn’t spray tan herself into an orange but a little make up wouldn’t hurt.  She was so cute when she was younger and doesn’t even look like the same person!

Not sure what kind of stuff Ali has going on… but in the last week I’ve heard Lindsay is $3 million in debt, there is video proof of the bar fight she’s denying she was involved in, and she still isn’t signed to Lifetime for the Elizabeth Taylor role.  The good news is she hasn’t been arrested or caught snorting coke since she last met with the judge.

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