Sloppy Celebs at Coachella!

High Class representing.

Tara Reid should trade in those useless winter boots for a useful push up bra or bikini top with some form of support.  I know she regrets getting them, but she’s been irresponsible about their “upkeep” for years… it’s really sad!

I’m anxious for her upcoming performance in the new American Pie movie!

Paris Hilton and her naughty cigarette smoking boyfriend Doug Reinhardt – she’s of course sporting a bikini.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon arrived at a Halloween Party on the back of a fire engine… That’s hot.  Mariah apparently couldn’t decide what to dress as, so she went from fire girl to Famous Amos cookie girl over the course of the night… either that or she has a twin?

Tons of pictures of celebs at various parties/trick or treating… Check them out – just click on the first picture and then scroll through them.  Kimberly Stewart attempted to go as Britney Spears… so lame.  As if Kim is anyone to make fun of anyone else.  She looks more like Katie Holmes than Britney anyway!!

Photos: Splash News Online

Kim Stewart with Amy’s Blake?

Kimberly Stewart out on the town with Blake Wood.  Amy Winehouse’s Blake!  Not MAH BLAKE, but the other Blake, the one taking out her trash a few months ago.  At least I’m sure he gets a little nasty sumpin sumpin from hanging Kimberly Stewart.

Photos: Splash News Online

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Kimberly Stewart and Rhys Ifans make a good couple.  Seriously, they both have long skinny faces… he looks a little more homeless than she does, but I think they suit each other just fine.

He clearly loves her… well, loves her enough to let her write “I heart K” on the side of his face!  I hope that’s not a sharpie!!

He sure took a nose dive from Sienna Miller!  What would such a pretty girl see in him??  I do not get it!

Apparently Jude Law has sunk to a new low… He was spotted making out with Kimberly Stewart at a bar in Essex, South England… Kimberly goes there a lot because her dad lives around the corner… witnesses saw her with a “good looking guy” and upon further examination realized it was Jude Law… They were all over each other all night, and despite Jude’s attempts to make sure there was no photographic evidence…

You can click here to see a picture of them sucking face – and look where her hand is in the second picture!


I thought that pic of Jude Law – taken at The Day After Peace photocall in Cannes – was appropriate considering he looks like he’s gagging… That would be my reaction if I woke up to realize I’d spent the night sucking face with Kimberly Stewart!!

The Hoff & 2 Hot Chicks!

Splash News Online 

There’s the Hoff – just out of the hospital – with 2 hot (YOUNG) chicks at Coachella Music Festival… He looks HAPPY, doesn’t he?  Isn’t he supposed to be rollin’ sober?? 

Other celebrities were there… nobody too exciting but check out Sienna Miller’s hideous belted boots and Kimberly Stewart’s super tough girl snake arm band.  Actually, it’s super ugly.

Show me now!

Kimberly Stewart in a leather cap!


Kimberly Stewart out shopping.   With a snake around her arm LOL… She’s a tool.


Kimberly Stewart at Bungalow 8

Kimberly Stewart

Kimberly Stewart was out at Bungalow 8 the other night.  I doubt anyone cares, but there she is, blah as usual… attempting to do the Christina/Gwen thing with the lipstick, ugh.

Kimberly Stewart

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