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Katy Perry Without Make Up In New Movie

I can’t wait to see Katy Perry’s 3-D movie when it comes out 4th of July weekend… She told Ellen the other day that it’s kind of scary because she isn’t flawless and there are some scenes where she is bloated and has zits and isn’t wearing make-up.

I’ve also heard it shows what went down between her and Russell Brand and that he called her “fat” and “ugly” but I guess we will have to wait and see the movie to find out if that’s true.

There she is without make-up… and here’s the “Part Of Me 3-D” trailer


Katy Perry’s Bright Purple Hair At NARM Awards

Katy Perry’s hair keeps getting more and more purple!

She was just named Artist of the Year at the NARM Music Industry Awards last night.

Here’s her acceptance speech.


Katy Perry PDA With Florence & The Machine Guitarist Robert Ackroyd

Is Katy Perry dating Robert Ackroyd from Florence & The Machine?  Looks that way based on these pictures from Coachella…. So much for that highest paid male model guy!

Katy Perry Kissed A Sailor At USNA Concert

Katy Perry performed in Annapolis, MD and gave a Navy sailor a special kiss on stage.  She told him she had a fever and a cold but he still went for it!

PICS: Katy Perry’s Wild West Birthday Bash

Katy Perry looked like a cotton candy cowgirl at her birthday party last Friday night… Sorry, it was really last Friday night!!!

Random guests like Adam Lambert and Dolly Parton were there in costume too.

New Katy Perry Song “Part of Me” LEAKED!


Katy’s gonna be MAD!  That’s her latest song “Part of Me”, that was recorded during her “Teenage Dream” recording sessions but wasn’t released on the album.  It’ll probably be on the re-release of the “Teenage Dream” album

What do you think?

Katy Perry’s Wedding Venue

Katy Perry and Russell Brand will be married next weekend at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India.  Gorgeous, right?

And they’ll be spending their first married night in these tents in the desert!


Katy Perry’s fancy lacy nails

I wonder if Katy Perry will sport this festive look on her wedding day…

No pre-nup???

Maybe she should have a little chat with Christina Aguilera sometime before the 23rd!!!

Here’s a pic of Christina & Jordan from March of this year… you could tell things weren’t right.  She said they split up officially on September 11.