Kate Moss Rips Her Dress

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Jesus Christ Kate!  I know you like your fiance, Jamie Hince a lot, but sheesh, at least wait until you’re in the hotel room with him! Haha.

Apparently Kate Moss ripped her dress while on a dinner Date with her fiance in Paris at Iraspoutinei Restaurant.

I wonder what kind of freaky stuff they were up to!


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Lily Allen flips everyone off.

Brits gone wild.  Kate’s young daughter was sitting right there… and they apparently were passing a joint around too!!  Right in front of her!!  And we wonder why the children of celebrities or young celebrities end up so screwed up!!  Hello, can’t they at least afford a BABYSITTER!?!?!  Leave her with a family member??

Celebs in the sun!

Will Ferrell with his cutie son Magnus Paulin in Hawaii

Lots of celebrities spent some time in the sun over the weekend… Will Ferrell hung out in Hawaii with his son Magnus, Kate Moss took her daughter Lila Grace out and about in Saint Tropez… Phil Collins was spotted with his new girlfriend and her adorable kids (he sports a man purse!), plus Gary Dourden has a new addiction – his woman!

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These are for you.

Kate Moss gets flowers

Actually they were delivered to Kate Moss earlier today.  Those, and a big ginormous wooden table.  What is going on?

Who’s on crack?

Someone nearly lost her bikini bottom on a yacht last weekend… who was it??

Show me now!

Kate Moss out in London…


Kate Moss leaving OX Pub in London.  She very easily could have ended up like Amy Winehouse, being with that waste of flesh Pete Doherty.  Not that she’s perfect or clean by any means, but at least she got rid of him and she’s not like Amy.


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Amy Winehouse fixes boob, not tooth.


After a dramatic flight which involved her SMOKING in the bathroom and stumbling up and down the aisles, Amy Winehouse managed to put on a somewhat coherent performance the other night… but her itty bitty boobie somehow kept popping out of her little dress… She took care of it, but the more important question is – why hasn’t she taken care of that missing tooth yet??? 

And as for the plane thing, no charges have been pressed against her even though she was caught smoking on an airplane… and fellow passengers are pissed that she got away with it!

Amy and Kate Moss are also being criticized by the UNITED NATIONS for glamourizing the use of cocaine and other illegal drugs!!!


Kate Moss and a Sexy Man


Uh, not so much sexy.  At least it isn’t Pete Doherty.  This man is a prize next to Pete.