John Travolta Cross Dressing Picture

The National Enquirer somehow got their hands on this picture of John Travolta in drag and they say it’s really him dressed as a woman for personal reasons – not from the set of a movie!

The photo was apparently taken in 1997… so someone sat on this for 15 years just waiting for the perfect time to out him??

I don’t know… I believe the secret gay life thing, but all of these allegations of sexual assault just don’t add up.  The masseurs have changed their stories and dropped lawyers and it just seems like a big witch hunt type deal to me.  None of them ever felt violated enough to go to the police but they all want large sums of money one after the other?  Hmmmm…

And I don’t even know what to think of the pictures… Maybe he was going to a Halloween Party??

His wife Kelly Preston has allegedly left him, but from what I’ve heard for years it’s not like any of this should come as a surprise to her!

How about a little PR damage control???

Despite allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple men and a report that he tried to give his Grease co-star Jeff Conaway oral sex, things are just peachy between John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston.

The usually private couple just decided to share this very sweet Mother’s Day video on his website.

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According to The Daily Mail, an ex-girlfriend of the late Jeff Conaway, who played Kenickie in Grease, says John Travolta attempted to give him oral sex him while he was sleeping.

She claims the incident happened at Conaway’s house in the mid-90’s, he and Travolta had been friends since they did Grease on Broadway (years before the movie was made) and that the incident haunted him for the rest of his life.

She claims Kenickie attempted to commit suicide in 2006 and that he wrote about the alleged incident in his suicide note.  He didn’t end up killing himself, he died a year ago from pneumonia, but she says the attempted assault haunted him for the rest of his life.

She also says Travolta’s marriage to Kelly Preston is a “sham” and that they have a signed agreement with regard to his sexuality but that she does not know the details of that arrangement.

What do you think?  There are holes in the stories of all 4 masseur accusers… and now this woman is coming forward with this story at the perfect time.  Hmmmm… Maybe I just don’t want to believe Danny Zuko is that much of a creeper but I am having a hard time believing all of this.  I certainly believe he could be leading a gay life behind closed doors but I doubt these allegations of assault.


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Another masseur has filed a lawsuit against John Travolta for $2 million.

This guy is opting to go by the name of John Doe, just like the first guy.

He didn’t file a police report over this alleged assault, but wants $2 million in compensation for emotional damages – just like the first guy.

He also has the same attorney as the first guy.

Here’s the deal.

There have been rumors about John Travolta being gay for years now… and up until this point he’s managed to have fairly discreet encounters… and since he’s never been accused of sexual assault, rape, or the like, in a court of law I think it’s safe to assume he isn’t the type to force himself on someone.  Again, these men aren’t going to the police to report a crime, they are accusing him of sexual assault for the sole purpose of getting money out of him.

Don’t you think that at this point in his life, if he is indeed “secretly” gay, he has a means of finding willing participants who he trusts??  I just don’t see why a guy who is his age with his resources would randomly decide to start trying to get a piece from random massage therapists who may or may not be into it!!

I just read the accounts of what allegedly happened and it sounds like someone’s sick fantasy…. I guess maybe I am being naive but I really don’t think he did this… It just doesn’t make sense.


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A masseur is claiming that John Travolta sexually harassed and assaulted him during an encounter at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

The man says Travolta hired him for $200/hour for a massage and after they went to his room he asked him for sexual favors.  When he informed Travolta that he doesn’t do that kind of work, he allegedly started touching him inappropriately and offered to perform sex acts.  He is suing for $2 million but did not call police or file any kind of report.  Travolta’s representative says this story is absolutely not true, that he was on the other side of the country when it allegedly happened, and pointed out that the masseur did not even sign his name to the court documents.

I’m calling BS.  I mean really… I know there have been questions about Travolta’s sexuality forever but this just seems stupid and far-fetched.  I’m sure at his age and with his connections he could find a perfectly willing participant in a gay sexcapade without checking the paper for an ad for someone he may or may not be able to trust.

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Is John Travolta afraid of flies?

Well his zipper is!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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John Travolta website

John Travolta posted a message on his website about the death of his son Jett.


R. I. P. Jett Travolta

Jett Travolta as a baby

John Travolta & Kelly Preston’s 16 year old son Jett died after hitting his head at their home in the Bahamas.  So incredibly sad.  I actually just read a news ticker that said it was nearly a DAY before anyone “noticed” he was missing… but I don’t think that’s true.  He apparently went to take a bath yesterday morning and had a seizure, fell, and hit his head.  An autopsy is going to be performed to find out exactly what happened to him…

Here are some pictures I found of Jett with his parents and little sister Ella Bleu.

Photos: Splash News Online