Madden Richie Weekend Fun!

Joel & little Harlow

Joel Madden & Harlow spent Saturday at the Santa Monica Pier… Nicole’s half sister Sophia was also with them.  Harlow is getting big so fast, and of course she’s going to be a big sister soon!  I hope they have a girl but I get the feeling it’s going to be a boy.  I’m pretty good at predicting these things.

Nicole Richie is PREGNANT!

Nicole Richie Joel Madden Harlow

Joel Madden posted on his blog that Harlow is going to be a big sister!

Click here to see the big announcement!

Daddy & Harlow get coffee

Rock Star Daddy

Joel Madden took Harlow out for coffee yesterday… Meanwhile Star Magazine is reporting that Nicole is ready for baby #2, but it’s not confirmed that she’s pregnant… YET!

Nicole & Joel shopping

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden did some after-Christmas shopping on Melrose today.  I did some after-Christmas shopping too – we got Guitar Hero World Tour with the drums and mic… We are about to play, as soon as my man CLEANS THE KITCHEN!

Photos: Splash News Online

Alberta Ferretti Store Opening

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden look very cute together at the Alberta Ferretti Flagship store opening the other night.  Lots of other chicks were there… Lacey Chabert is nails on chalkboard to me, her character was so annoying and I just get irritated at the sight of her… I do like her dress, and I think Emmy Rossum is adorable.  That’s all.

Photos: Splash News Online

These are the leaked photographs everyone is talking about!  Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, and Joel Madden, throwing down bigtime at the flannel party… I believe these pictures were taken back in June, possibly on MK’s 22nd birthday, and someone threw them up on Flickr and here they are.

Looks like they had a good drinkin’ and smokin’ time!

Nicole & Joel had a super fun day!

Nicole Richie went to traffic school and Joel Madden paid $4.89 for gas.  Nicole must totally be the best dressed person in her traffic school class… although I’m sure in Beverly Hills there are probably a lot of snooty bad driver chicks… Nevermind.

Where’s little Harlow Winter Kate?

Are Paris Hilton & Joel Madden really mating their little dogs??

Photos: Splash News Online

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Lindsay Lohan walking around LA in short shorts… Maybe she’s hoping to run into JOEL MADDEN and seduce him with those sexy freckled legs…

According to Star Magazine, Lindsay was recently at a club and Joel happened to be the DJ that night… and she flirted up a storm with him… Paris Hilton sent Nicole Richie a text message to let her know what was going on… and Nicole lost her sh*t.

Steal mink coat – check.

Steal Lauren Hasting’s wardrobe – check.

Steal Nicole Richie’s baby daddy – workin’ on it!

Oh, and little Ali Lohan says the rumors that her sis and Samantha Ronson are hooking up are “pathetic” and that they’re “just friends”… at least they’re trying to protect young Ali from the dirty truth!

Photos: Splash News Online