Jennifer Garner covers the girls

Jennifer Garner covered the girls with an umbrella as they walked in the rain.

Her other girls, however, are clearly visible through that black shirt!

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Jen, Vi, Sera, CUTE!

Jennifer Garner took her girls Violet and Seraphina Affleck to the park on Saturday.  They are still my favorite celebrity kids!!!

Fame Pictures

Is JenGar prego or not??

Seriously look at these pictures!

In one she looks totally baby bumped out, in the next not so much, next she’s preggers, next she’s so not!

Jennifer Garner just come out with it!!!

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Jennifer Garner pregnant or not?

Pregnant or not, that is a bad outfit – namely the pants – and should not be worn by anyone, let alone a celebrity who has plenty of money to buy pants that fit.  Those things are HIDEOUS!!!  I love you very much Jen Garner but you can’t just let yourself go like this!!!

Seriously I think I said this before about pants like this – totally Dunkin Donuts uniform that doesn’t fit.  WTF?

So is she pregnant?  I don’t know.  She sure looks it in some photos lately, she and Ben are searching for a bigger house, but she’s picking up sushi in these photos… I don’t think you can eat sushi while pregnant, can you?


Jennifer Garner pregnant again?

I don’t know if I see a bump there… Apparently Seraphina Affleck is covering up her mom’s baby bump.  I guess Ben Affleck has said he wants a son and they were trying for a boy this time.  Another Garner-Affleck baby – bring it on!!  Nothing’s been confirmed or denied and all of these alleged baby bump pictures look like nothing to me… but every time I say no no no no way she’s pregnant they always end up being pregnant!

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Celebrity Kids Weekend

Kate Hudson took her son Ryder out in the city… his hair is so much better short!!  I wonder how he hurt his wrist??

Mel B did some shopping with her girls Phoenix Chi & Angel Iris – holy brightly dressed family!

Gwen Stefani took the kids to a birthday party, Kelly Rutherford hung out with her sister and baby girl Helena…

Victoria Beckham dressed her boys alike and strutted to LAX in her usual super high heels, and Jessica Alba and Cash Warren took Honor out for breakfast.

And can’t forget my 2 favorite celebrity girls Violet & Seraphina Affleck, out with their mom and grandma.  Yeah, the paparazzi circled the picture of Jennifer Garner’s tummy as if she is pregnant.  That looks more like a natural bump of the sweatshirt to me!!

Bauer-Griffin, Fame Pictures

Seraphina Affleck in Baby Uggs :)

Little Seraphina Affleck has more style in her teeny tiny baby Uggs than her mom has on her whole grown up body.

Really Jen, I’m not one to pick on moms dressing for comfort but those pants are totally Dunkin Donuts uniform and they’re too big… and the shirt isn’t much prettier.  I actually think khakis and a denim button down used to be the Chili’s uniform but I could be wrong.

Still love her, but again I don’t get how celebrities who have money to buy whatever clothes they want pick stuff like this…


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The Affleck Family Easter

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck took their kids to a friend’s house for Easter… look at their baskets!!

OK, is Violet wearing a diaper, or just some kind of fancy underpants…

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