Britney’s boys chomping on gum :)

Little Jayden James Federline chews on a bright green piece of gum in the back seat with his brother Sean Preston… they are so cute!!  And thankfully in car seats!!!

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Britney Spears took her kids, Sean Preston & Jayden James, for a yacht ride the other day… along with her friend who has an acne issue.

Then she stopped to have a smoke and show off her stubbly armpit!  Why is she wearing those heels while carrying her little one??  We all know she’s a little clumsy with a kid in her arms!! 


Britney Spears & Jayden James


Britney spending time with Jayden James in Hawaii.  He’s cute!!!  All these rumors that there’s something wrong with him… whatever, he looks like a normal baby to me!

Britney’s ass needs to stop hanging out though.

From Daily Mail


Britney’s Son Jayden James!


TMZ got a picture of Britney’s son Jayden… and Sean Preston’s wedgie LOL.  We can’t see his face but I’m sure there will be more where these came from.

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Click here to see the pictures of Sean Preston walking around by the pool in his diaper… and Jayden’s in a baby seat in the shade. These poor babies have no idea what they’re in for in life…. I hope Britney straightens out and Kevin continues to step up to the plate…

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Britney’s Son Wears Pink

That’s from OK Magazine, apparently the little boy in the pink snowsuit is Britney’s baby – Jayden James.

Why is he wearing a PINK SNOWSUIT? I could understand I guess if her older kid was a girl and she didn’t want to buy another snow suit, hand me downs are cool when you’ve got all the money in the world, but she obviously bought him a PINK SNOWSUIT!!!

Weird. Knowing Britney she probably wanted a girl and when she got another boy she decided to just put him in pink………. Scary.

Of course they are X-17’s!!

Click here to see pictures of Britney with Sean Preston AND Jayden James… wow, spending time with BOTH of her sons!!!

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