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Can you guess which girl is Hulk Hogan’s Daughter, Brooke and which one is his fiancee, Jennifer McDaniel?


Hulk has applied for a Marriage license to marry his daughter’s 35-year old lookalike.  If that’s not creepy enough, Hulk is almost 60 years old.  Check out these cringeworthy pictures of Hulk putting suntan lotion on Jennifer about a year ago.

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Hulk Hogan BLEEDING EW!!


Totally greusome pictures of Hulk Hogan bleeding all over the place… Ric Flair popped him in the head with a table.

And we thought wrestling was fake!  What the heck??  I hope he’s OK.  Head wounds are never good.

You can click here for more gory pictures and more of the story…

It actually probably IS fake, it’s already been said that Hulk cut himself with a hidden little blade!

They started insulting each other over their failed marriages and they got so mad it came to this.  SURE IT DID!

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Brooke HO-gan’s 21st birthday!

Brooke's 21st birthday

She looks like she’s turning 51…  She looks like such a hooker!!!!!!!!

Click thru the pics for my comments… they are all sweet!

Brooke Hogan all sexy in Maxim!

Brooke Hogan is in this month’s issue of Maxim Magazine… there’s also a video on their website of her with her dad Hulk Hogan.  Apparently he’s trying not to be so overprotective since she’s an adult now (at 20), but he still wants to be a part of her new reality show, “Brooke Knows Best”… He just wants to keep the money rolling in, she’s the cash cow now.

Click here to see the video and some more pictures at Maxim Online!

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I don’t know man… I’ve met the Hogans a few times and always thought they were nice people, and I know Hulk Hogan is just trying to save a little bit of face for his family after what his moronic, reckless son did… but after I heard about the response to the lawsuit from John Graziano’s family and him saying things like “this will make John a better person”… I don’t know. They dodge responsibility a LOT. “Accident” maybe, but the kid was being reckless and up until sh*t hit the fan they loved to brag about getting away with stuff…

Anyway, there’s a little bit of Hulk Hogan talking to Larry King last night. What do you think?

How could this “accident” make John a better person? He’s practically a vegatable!!!!! He was definitely a better person when he was able to participate in normal life!!!

The Hulk Hogan situation…


I never watch Hogan Knows Best but I just happened to be flipping through the channels and it’s on all day today… So I’m watching an episode where they start seeing a marriage therapist…  and they each get a “wish” day… and on Hulk’s wish day he asks Linda to shave his back!  She does it, but she’s totally annoyed… she’s no fun anymore, and he said he asked her to do it because she used  to ask him all the time if he wanted his back  shaved and she never does it anymore.   She’s also “never in the mood” anymore… 

And by the way, note to the VH-1 producers, I don’t EVER need to see footage of Hulk Hogan sitting on the crapper ever  again!!!  YES, they show him sitting on the toilet.  Nobody looks strong sitting on the freaking can!!

It’s obvious he really wants to save the marriage… but it isn’t clear what the hell she wants…  at least that’s what I gather from this episode.  He reads her a poem in front of the kids and he starts crying!! 

I hope they work it out…

Brooke Hogan & Her Dad

Brooke looks really pretty!!! They are a really nice family, I met them a few times when I lived in Florida.