Heidi Klum Naked In Allure Magazine

Heidi Klum is naked in the latest issue of Allure Magazine.  When I first saw this picture I thought it looks like she’s had some lipo done to her stomach – it reminds me of Tara Reid’s lumpy flat tummy – but she says she’s never had any work done!

She also talks about life without Seal and says she’s still getting used to it but has no regrets.

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Seal and Heidi Klum were spotted doing their last minute Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills, CA.   They made stops at Chanel and Prada and picked up a few things.   That reminds me, I should probably do a bit of shopping myself.  I know Dana’s in full-on Panic mode right now, I always wait until the last second for Christmas Shopping (and everything else).

Fame Pictures

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Heidi Klum & Baby Lou

Heidi Klum took her almost 1 year old baby girl Lou out for some shopping… adorable!


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Cute Heidi & Seal PDA

Normally celebrity PDA grosses me out and annoys me, but when it’s Seal and Heidi Klum it’s just lovely!

Really… they are such a happy couple and he is so good with the baby!!  More guys need to hold their munchkins all the time!!

Heidi Klum & Seal with kids

Aw there’s baby Lou!!

Seal and Heidi Klum took their munchkins to the fair.

Fame Pictures

Heidi Klum’s kids at the beach

Heidi Klum took her kids to the shore.  There she is with Henry and Johan.  Baby Lou is under wraps!

In some of the pictures, Leni was not wearing a full bathing suit and there’s no way I’m posting semi-naked pictures of a 6 year old girl on this site!  My daughter is six and that is by no means acceptable!  I know they are just young children and in many areas of the world grown women go topless and it ain’t no thing – but there are too many sickos out there!!

What really bothers me is that the photo agency takes pictures of it and distributes them – I’m sure they already don’t like being photographed but if someone took pictures of my 6 year old naked and posted them on the web I would LOSE IT!! Am I over-reacting?

Heidi looks gorgeous as always!!


Heidi Klum with the kids

Heidi Klum spent some time with her kids on Saturday, she picked Leni up from dance class and then took them flower shopping… Looks like little Lou is going to have hair just like her brothers!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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Celeb Monday Moments :)

Monday Moments

Celebrities enjoying the weekend – with their cute little nuggets!!

I am psyched for Ryder Russell Robinson, his mom finally cut his hair and he looks like a little boy!!  Check out pictures of Jessica Alba & Honor Marie, Mark Wahlberg and his son Michael, Kate Hudson with her son and nephew, and Heidi Klum with her 4 kids and entourage!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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