Drama at NINE premiere?

Kate & Goldie

Here are some more pictures of the NINE premiere… I posted pictures of Madonna with her daughter last night – they were apparently unannounced surprise guests, and have nothing to do with the film.  Kate Hudson, however, is one of the stars… So did Madonna show up to intimidate Kate over the whole A. Rod situation?  I mean Madonna was rumored to be seeing A. Rod and all of a sudden it fell off and she was with Jesus and A. Rod was with Kate!  Drama!

Kate looks gorgeous… the Olsen twins still look hobo-homelessish.

Photos: Fame Pictures

Kate Hudson and her non-exclusive boyfriend Lance Armstrong had lunch with Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn.  I still don’t know what I think about this couple.  He’s kind of an ass, isn’t he?  I never liked her with She Talks To Angels guy either… Chris Robinson.

Photos: Splash News Online

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Goldie Hawn Goes Braless

Someone needs to start a website specifically for braless celebrities… Seriously, just because perky young celebrities go without bras doesn’t mean old saggy ones can… I love Goldie, but she needs to hold those puppies up!!

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