Drunk Tara Reid Is Back!

Not that I think she’s ever really stopped drinking but it’s been a while since I’ve seen pictures of her trashed.  She went to a yacht party in Cannes and was all over 60 year old jeweler Fawaz Grousi.

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Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI a week ago and apparently she still has her license… So she opted to go clubbing again and took off while texting and driving!

Her dad has come to  her defense – not only does he say she wasn’t drunk when she got the DUI but he claims she doesn’t drink AT ALL!


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Nicolas Cage Arrested in New Orleans

Nicolas Cage, Premiere, Season of the witch, Crime, Legal Trouble, Lawyers

Nicolas Cage is losing it.

Various reports are circulating around the web that a drunk Nic taunted New Orleans police into Arresting him after having a loud argument with his wife early this morning.

It worked.

He was booked by police for Domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.

Love to see that booking photo!

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Christina Aguilera, Boa Steakhouse, Hollywood, Matthew Rutler, Date, Date Night

Christina Aguilera was arrested for being drunk by the LA County Sheriff this morning at about 3am.  She’s not being charged with anything and is essentially being held in the drunk tank.
LA County Sheriffs stopped a vehicle being driven by her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler and are holding him on suspected drunk driving charges.   His bail is set at $30,000

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Winehouse on the loose!

There really is no hope Amy Winehouse’s sobriety.  There’s our girl stumbling out of  Jazz After Dark in London last night.  She apparently commissioned the owner of the bar to make 30 paintings for her – at 5000 pounds a piece!  What’s that in US dollars??  $7,336 EACH!!  And she’s having him make 30 of them!!!  What???  I guess it’s better than spending $200k on SMACK but that’s insane.  Then again… this is Amy Winehouse we’re talking about.

Poor thing had a hard enough time walking around wasted before, now those huge boobs she got make it look even more challenging…

Fame Pictures

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Amy Winehouse back to drunk.

Amy Winehouse has only one thing going for her in these picture – she is not with Blake!

Despite her efforts and the efforts of those around her Amy is back on the pub crawl of life…

When is Dr. Drew going to scoop her up??  I mean talk about ratings for Celebrity Rehab I would LOVE to see it!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

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Dennis Quaid DUI Dodge!


Dennis Quaid left a fancy restaurant with his wife and some friends after consuming several boozaholic beverages… He hopped into his car, and as he went to pull away an office stopped him and advised him to take a cab home!  He got out of the car and took a taxi.

Good thing someone was looking out for him, his wife, his friends, and his CHILDREN!!!  They’d ALL be screwed if he got hurt, got caught, or hurt someone else.  People are so stupid!!!

Photos:  Bauer-Griffin


Is that white eyeliner or just a drunk look?

Woo hoo I think I might be back in business… something was seriously messed up, I have no idea how it happened but since I just posted some adorable pictures of our girl Mischa Barton looking a little sauced it seems it must be working!

Is she wearing white eyeliner to make her eyes look freaky?  Or is she just wasted away again in Mischa Bartonville?

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