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Holly Branson, daughter of Sir Richard Branson was coming out of “Public” in London when she revealed a little too much leg… and crotch.  Classy.
The irony doesn’t escape me either.  Her dad is the guy who runs Virgin.  That skirt isn’t very virginal. Click Here to see The Crotch Shot

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Paris advertising her used goods!

Paris Hilton showing off her panties

I guess it worked (see next post) – Paris Hilton getting out of the car for the premiere of Rex the other night… and then she ends up hooking up with Cristiano Ronaldo.  They totally got it on back at Nicky’s that night.  She is SUCH A SLUT!!!!!!!!

At least she is covering her cooch – wouldn’t want to expose her herpes like Lilo did!!

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Nice orange lipstick, good job matching it to your dress.

So the other day I showed you these pictures of Jessica Simpson leaving Beso with Tony Romo and the rest of the fam – including her mom Tina with her boob popping out of her top…

Well these pictures give a Tony’s eyes only view of Jess leaving the restaurant that night…


Sadie Frost shows her panties!

Sadie Frost hung out with her boyfriend Kristian Marr at Amy Winehouse’s place… and they left looking slightly out of it… and by out of it I mean high, stoned, wasted, trashed, drunk, hallucinating, trippin’, rollin’, reelin’, or whatever it is they were snorting, sniffing, inhaling, smoking, drinking, swallowing, or injecting…

Sadie’s got ballet slippers just like Amy’s.

Doesn’t she have young children?  I can see going out for a night of cocktails, but nobody goes over to Amy Winehouse’s for a beer or a margarita if you know what I mean!

Photos: Splash News Online

Dancing with the Crotch!

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska from Dancing with the Stars at Jason’s charity event… She probably should have worn a more modest pair of underclothes.

Photo: Splash News Online

Ashley Olsen shows her panties!!

Ashley Olsen left an event in Greenwich Village… and probably should have worn a skirt that was a littttle bit longer… you can totally see her black panties!

Not that I looked or anything.

Photos: Splash News Online

Tara Reid leaving a club…


What’s great is that Tara Reid got into the club!  She’s in London, leaving Nobu.  Showing her crotch.

I want to play name that crotch… I have quite a collection of crotch shots… I wonder if any other site has done that? 


“Britney is not bloody pregnant!”

X17 took pictures of Britney’s crotch – again – nothing new there, she shows it off every freaking day… but the other night they caught her with her skirt up, and she’s on the rag!!!  It’s FOUL.  I’ll put the picture as a thumbnail because let’s be honest, most of you are going to check it out even though it’s disgusting… Some people are saying X17 “crossed the line” by taking and posting these pictures… What do you think??


Here’s the picture, but it’s GROSS and NSFW!!  By clicking you are choosing to look so don’t blame me if you gag!!!