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Wilmer Valderamma and Criss Angel look like a hot gay couple in this picture… taken at the Wet Republic MGM Grand adults-only pool party…

I’m not sayin’ they’re gay, I’m just sayin’ they LOOK gay… and HOT!


Tommy Lee and Criss Angel got a little frisky with each other backstage at the Video Music Awards the other night… While Tommy Lee had no love for Kid Rock that night, he was pretty affectionate with Criss Angel… I wonder if Britney got jealous of this and that’s why she scooted off without her undies and showed her crotch again…


Britney Spears Criss Angel

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.  Seriously, Britney Spears and Criss Angel are totally hooking up.  I don’t blame him for vehemently denying it, but if they were just working on her VMA performance why would he be holding her wrist?  Why would he be at her club appearance the other night?  Either they’re screwing, or he’s just hanging out with her to get his face all over the place… nobody’s taking pictures of him walking down the street solo… I didn’t even know who he was until he started hooking up with Cameron Diaz… and maybe Britney’s hanging out with him to get back at Cameron for spending all that time with Justin Timberlake.

Or maybe they’re really just working together… closely.  On making a baby.  Could you imagine??

Britney Spears Criss AngelBritney Spears Criss AngelBritney Spears Criss AngelBritney Spears Criss AngelBritney Spears Criss AngelBritney Spears Criss AngelBritney Spears Criss AngelBritney Spears Criss Angel

Britney Spears & Criss Angel??


Britney Spears was out with magician Criss Angel the other night… I’ve kind of just been ignoring this because it’s so odd to me… I mean he had Cameron Diaz, why would he lower himself to the likes of Britney Spears??  Not that I think Cameron is any catch, but she’s definitely not Britney… maybe Britney’s going after him to get back at Cameron for having Justin for so long? 

Or maybe they were just working on her performance at the VMA’s… He’s apparently helping her… at 4am at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Sure!


Cameron Diaz was dating Las Vegas magician Criss Angel… but they’re no longer seeing each other.

Perhaps it’s because HE HAS A WIFE??

Cameron apparently knew he was seperated when they started dating, but now his divorce situation is getting UGLY, and apparently he’s kind of a d*ck.

Criss has been married since 2001 and his wife Joanne says they were blissfully happy… until they moved to Vegas in 2005 and his career really took off.  He was advised to say he was single to increase his appeal to women… and he did… and then he started acting single.  He’s dated Paris Hilton and Minnie Driver who had no idea he was even married.

Now he’s worth millions but he doesn’t want to give his wife a dime in the divorce settlement!!

Lawyers are actually trying to get Cameron Diaz to testify in court as to the nature of her relationship with Criss!!


Story from The National Ledger


I’ve been told he’s lying.

Extra TV interviewed Criss Angel and he said he and Cameron are not dating.  He said they are just friends and they do normal friends things but the paparazzi tries to make it look like they’re a couple.

However, a guy I work with knows Criss Angel’s bodyguard and he said, “they’re definitely a couple.”

I can’t wait to see if they show up together at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.  Move over Entourage…