Chris Brown got rough with some girls in Miami, and tossed one off his shoulders.

Obviously they were just horse-playing :)

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Chris Brown getting in touch with his feminine side?

Hopefully he doesn’t beat her up…

Photos: Bauer Griffin



OK, so there’s more here than just the Kanye West Chris Brown photo op…

How about Amber Rose’s dress????

And Chris Brown didn’t go to jail for beating up Rihanna, but he should be locked up for that footwear!!!

Photos: Fame Pictures

Chris Brown at Fashion Show

A fighting-warrior-beaten-and-bloody-themed fashion show!  Jean Paul Gaultier has his models wear fake blood and make-up bruises and his clothing is “warrior” inspired… ironic Chris Brown shows up as a special guest??? So not right!  I wonder if he’s got a date for Valentine’s Day…

Photos: Fame Pictures

Chris Brown Strips Down!

Thriller night...

Chris Brown is back in business!  He was one of the big stars at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse show in East Rutherford, NJ last night… He started off wearing a Thriller-esque jacket and ended up topless by the end of his performance.  He also paid tribute to MJ with a little graze of his own crotch.  And how ironic he’s wearing a black wife beater?

Photos: Fame Pictures

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Links of the day…

Madonna on Letterman, saying she’d rather get hit by a train than marry again… I guess the answer is no Jesus!!  PopEater

Marrying a Jonas Brother, of THE JONAS BROTHERS, can’t be that simple… sorry sweetie!  97.9 Kiss FM WTF?

So You Think You Can FLASH YOUR CROTCH!!  MJ Morning Show

Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya” – but I can’t work a computa or formulate-a sentence!!  TheFrisky

You can’t help but think “beat ya up” when you listen to some of the lyrics… it would have been the perfect rhyme.  He talks about rippin’ off her dress!!!!!!!!  The guy who is trying to prove he’s a changed man after beating the snot out of his girlfriend is writing songs about ripping off a dress!!!!!!  So many parodies to be made, so little production skills.

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Chris Brown’s Community Service

Chris Brown community service

Chris Brown has started doing his community service as part of his sentence for beating up Rihanna… He makes quite a statement in the orange vest right?

Click here for more pictures and video of Chris in trash clean up action!

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Chris Brown, arrested again??

Chris Brown

Seriously where are the fashion police when such a grave crime is being committed?  What the hell is he wearing?

Chris Brown commits a FASHION FELONY!Changed Man needs to CHANGE HIS CLOTHES!