If you have a daughter or daughters you  must read this post from a mom blogger… It expresses exactly how every mom must feel while watching The Bachelor.  I can not stand the show and often wonder what kind of women put themselves in this situation – I would never subject myself to such petty competition over a man… It is superficiality at it’s finest and while the girls are pretty much all beautiful on the outside a lot of them turn out to be really ugly on the inside.

Just read this… you will love it if you have a little girl!


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Joe Francis GONE WILD!

Jayde Nicole bruised face

TMZ is reporting that Joe Francis punched Brody Jenner’s girlfriend Jayde Nicole at a club last night… She saw him relentlessly hitting on a friend of hers, poured a drink on him, and he WENT NUTS and punched her, pulled her hair, and kicked her to the ground… Brody stepped in but wasn’t really hurt, then they got kicked out of the club…

Once they were outside Brody punched Joe, and then Joe fled the scene.  The cops came but nobody was arrested.

Jayde is going to press charges against Joe Francis.

Click here to see the video from TMZ!

What a DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!!!  Like we all knew he was a douche, but this is a new level of douchebaggery!!


This is going to get ugly, real quick.  Howard Stern pieced together snippets of Dolly Parton’s books on tape to make it sound like she was saying racist and sexually explicit things about a number of famous people.  Dolly has issued a statement with regard to his bit and is ready to sue him for whatever she can sue him for…

Click here for the full story.

You can click here to hear the insanity.  I’m laughing my ass off right now, but I’m telling you – YOU WILL PROBABLY BE OFFENDED!!  THE WORST OF THE WORST OF VULGARITY!!!  NSFW!!! 

Even I’m sitting here like, ohhhh that’s SICK… but I you just gotta laugh because it’s so ridiculous.  Or not.

I can see the comments now… “Dana I can’t believe you would laugh at…”  I’m sorry, but it’s funny.

I do feel bad for Dolly thought, but it’s not like anyone would actually believe she said such things.


The bulge in Batman’s pants.


Yeah, there’s Batman, and maybe it’s just because I’m sick like that, but you can’t help but notice the bulge.

Anyway, that’s our girl Lindsay Lohan with Batman.  Spiderman.  The Incredible Hulk too.  

What is she doing??

I’m pretty surprised she hasn’t taken a dive off the wagon yet.   Seriously, I wonder if she’s really cleaning up her act when it comes to the drugs and the partying.

Apparently she’ll never give up being a slut though.  She dumped Riley Giles, and has been out with Heath Ledger and Stavros Niarchos in the last week.   Paris is all pissed.



Angelina Jolie is apparently “furious” because Brad Pitt’s mother Jane invited Jennifer Aniston to her house in Missouri for Thanksgiving!!

Brad and Angelina have fought over this before, and Brad told her what his mother does on her own time is her business, but Angelina is really upset…

This might actually be Jane’s way of getting back at Angelina for some pretty bold statements she made in a recent interview about her past drug use… Mrs. Pitt has never liked Angelina and has always wanted Jennifer and Brad to get back together…

But still, this is kind of a nasty thing to do, isn’t it??


More like “hissssssss” this catfight between Denise Richards and Heather Locklear is super ugly!!

Now that Richie Sambora and Denise Richards are no longer dating, Heather Locklear doesn’t want her 9 year old daughter with Richie – Ava – to see Denise’s little girls.  I guess Denise wanted to get the kids together for a play date since they spent so much time toghether while they were dating, and Heather said no way.

Not only that, but she apparently just fired her nanny because she wouldn’t boot Denise’s two young daughters out of the preschool she runs!

From Star Magazine

Lilly Allen Booted By Lindsay Lohan


Lilly Allen isn’t shedding any tears for Lindsay Lohan right now.  In fact, Lilly says, “what goes around…” when it comes to Lindsay.  Apparently Lilly was out at Les Deux night club the other night and when Lindsay and her crew showed up, they kicked Lilly and her friends out of their table!  I wonder if that was the night Lindsay got into the car accident?  Or maybe it was the night she completely passed out before she had the chance to drive?

From Digital Spy

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