Tiger Woods car crash in FL

Tiger Woods was pulling out of his driveway at 2am and smashed into a fire hydrant, then into a tree.  Alcohol was not a factor… what was Tiger doing leaving the house at 2am?  Little late night Taco Bell run?

Anyway, early reports were that he was seriously injured and had lacerations on his face… but his rep says the accident was minor and he was released from the hospital in good condition.

We’ll see!

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Brooke Hogan’s car accident!

Just what the Hogan family needed – another car accident!

But this time, it wasn’t Hogan’s fault.

Brooke Hogan was driving back from a visit with her brother Nick in jail when another car lost control and hit her head on!  Her parents weren’t far behind – they had taken 2 cars to see him… Brooke’s friend was in the car with her.  The other driver was speeding.

Brooke and her friend were wearing their seatbelts and nobody was hurt.

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Mischa Barton was driving Nicole Richie’s truck the other day when she rear-ended some dude… I don’t dare copy the pictures, but here’s the link to the article!

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Nobody was hurt.

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Denise Richards Close Call…

Denise Richards was putting Sam in her car seat yesterday when another car came flying by and hit her open door! Luckily nobody was hurt… Richie Sambora came to their rescue!

What is up with his outfits????? How does that hat go with those runnning pants??

Poor Brandy, This is So Sad!

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Brandy is going to be prosecuted for the fatal car crash she was involved in last month. She was probably distracted by one of the many things that we get distracted from in traffic… wrong place wrong time.

I’m sure she feels beyond horrible inside and it just really sucks that she has to go through this publicly. She wasn’t drunk or anything.