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Poor Katie Holmes.  I don’t know what happened to her, but while working on the “Jack and Jill” set, she bent over to reveal a GIGANTIC boo boo on her bum bum.

I dunno if she hurt herself working, or if she’s into some sort of kinky stuff (Ew.) with Tom Cruise but that looks like it hurt!

Jixxer/Fame Pictures

Jennifer Garner got caught dealing some crack at Violet Affleck’s Soccer Practice while cracking down on lil Violet’s Tantrum.  And it looks like she wasn’t cracking up when she saw the photogs snapping pics of her crack either.

Enough crack puns for you?

It looks like she might be flipping off the photogs but then thinks better of it, since she’s surrounded by kids.

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Britney’s SERIOUS crack problem!

Everyone has a little refrigerator repairman wardrobe malfunction once in a while… but Britney Spears basically lost her britches getting out of the car the other day!!  She also appears to be going commando!

Oh no, Kyla just saw this picture when she walked into my office – her comment “EW why doesn’t that girl have pants on her bum!”

Photo: Fame Pictures

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Paris Hilton’s butt crack

She is ridiculous.

Like HI, I’m in Cannes… there’s like a film festival here or something but like I’m just here with my boyfriend showing off my hot bathing suits!

Oh yeah, like wanna see my crack?

Amy’s beehive is back??

This could be my favorite picture of Amy Winehouse thus far.  She put the beehive back on… and now I’m a little disappointed because all along I thought the hive was real, genuine, authentic, hair… and apparently it’s just a wig – granted a fine one of a kind wig, but it’s just not the same…

She went to a pub all night, then ended up at Blake Wood’s house, and did the walk of shame back to her place the next morning.  She’s got a “minder” to take care of her and keep her out of trouble (from passing out in the middle of the street in her drug-induced stupor), and she told the paparazzi she’s going to see her husband Blake today.  A grand reunion that will be!

Photos: Splash News Online

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Who’s on crack?

Someone nearly lost her bikini bottom on a yacht last weekend… who was it??

Show me now!

Amy Winehouse loves crack, and Bush?

Amy Winehouse has things sticking out of her back pockets that say “SMOKING KILLS”, even worse SMOKING MAKES YOU SO F’D UP YOU DON’T REALIZE YOUR BUTT CRACK IS SHOWING!

Even worse, it makes you so f’d up you don’t realize you’re exposing the nether region of your stomach.  The hairy part.


Somebody showed off some serious BUTT CRACK while leaving a private party the other night…  It actually looks a little bruised!!  GROOOOOSSSSSS!!!


Show me now!