Jennifer Love Hewitt told Ellen DeGeneres that she wants a chance with newly single Adam Levine, told Ellen she thinks his hair is cute, and apparently was at least hoping he’d thank her for mentioning him!  She’s disappointed he didn’t acknowledge her and is now apparently embarrassed because the story was so huge…  Of course people are going to talk about you when you shamelessly attempt to throw yourself at a dude who just broke up with a SUPERMODEL when you’re barely a C-list actress!

In other JLH news, her boobs were digitally downsized for ads for her new movie The Client List.

And since Adam Levine doesn’t want her, she’s going to try using vanilla extract to attract her next male victim!

Here’s the video of JLH on Ellen


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Good Lord Amy.  Apparently Amy Winehouse got so drunk the other day that she forgot where her boobs were.  Definitely NSFW.  Don’t click it if you don’t wanna see ‘em!

See Amy Winehouse’s MAJOR Nip Slip

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Heiress to the Versace fortune, Francesa Versace was spotted in Miami, Florida sunning herself in a bikini and reading InTouch Weekly.

I’m not sure whether she was actually reading it, or if she was posing for the paparazzi, trying to let the folks at InTouch know she’d like to be on their cover.

Whatever the case, she looked fantastic in that Bikini.  Why do Heiresses have to be so good looking? Why can’t they be butt ugly? No Fair.

BRJ/Fame Pictures

Rihanna’s Madonna cone boobs

If we’re gonna say that Christina Aguilera is copying Lady Gaga, then we have to call Rihanna out for copying Madonna!!!

And what’s her secret to keeping that body in shape?  Hagaan Daaz???  There she is leaving one the other night…

Pics from her show in Madrid.


Lady Gaga’s see-thru top!


This is apparently Lady Gaga.  Yuck yuck yuck!!

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Katy Perry wet & groped!

Katy Perry gets touched...

Katy Perry filming something… looking sexy, getting groped, getting wet!

Is he grabbing her breasts to adjust them, or is this something dirty in the video?

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Britney’s tittoos!

Britney topless

Here they are.  Britney Spears topless while filming the video for “Gimme More” 2 years ago… What the hell was she doing??  And why did it take 2 years for these gems to leak?

Lindsay’s black hair & boobs!

Lilo's black hair & boobies

Well the title of this post pretty much says it all.  Lindsay Lohan has black hair… and no bra!

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