Lindsay Lohan is still in St. Barth’s with her new boy-toy (he looks more like a rag-doll)… She went shopping at Louis Vuitton and tried on a swimsuit that really flatters her boobies!  Lots of fun shots of Lilo at her best…

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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Katy Perry’s spandex bootie

Katy Perry Checking Out Snowboard Store In West Hollywood

Katy Perry out in some serious spandex.

Is there a name for what’s going on with her ass?  Like it’s not a camel toe or a nipple slip… what is it?

Dennis Rodman At The Komen For A Cure Pink Dress Show

Dennis Rodman demonstrated his support for breast cancer awareness in his own special way.

He could have at least had someone who knew what they were doing paint his make-up on.

Oh, and SERIOUSLY with the ASS CRACK!?!?!

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Kim Kardashian’s Vanishing Ass??

Where did her ass go?!?!

Seriously WHERE IS HER ASS???  Is it just the dress, or has Kim lost weight and her ass??  Bring back the bootie, bring back the bootie!!!

Kim Kardashian at NYC Fashion Week in Barbie Pink – one of my favorite colors!

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Ciara Britney Spears tour

Ciara got REAL sexy on the Circus tour… She’s opening for Britney, and showing her op… nevermind.  Check the pictures you’ll get what I mean.  Lots of va-gine today!

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Lenny Kravitz ass pic…

Lenny Kravitz ASS pic!

Lenny Kravitz showing off his firm ass.  That’s hot.

Paris Hilton’s CRACK!

She's BURNT!

Paris Hilton with Doug… showing her butt crack!!

Lady Gaga’s bum hanging out.

This is just gawdy.

Lady Gaga is just stupid looking.  She makes Christina Aguilera’s fashion rebellion several years ago seem innocent…  There is NOTHING sexy about this hooker!!