Amy Winehouse’s junkie friend Pete Doherty is selling a bunch of his stuff at auction and one of the pieces is a painting he and Amy made with their own blood!  Pete says Amy was on the phone with her dad Mitch while they were creating this bloody masterpiece and that her dad didn’t like him very much.  Gee, I wonder why.

The painting, called “Ladylike”, is expected to get over $100,000.  Some of the proceeds will go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation.


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Dionne Bromfield, Kelly Osbourne and Mark Ronson were among the mourners at Amy Winehouse’s funeral in London this morning.  Her parents, family, and friends gathered for a private service.  Fans and media lined the street.  Kelly wore a beehive as a tribute to her friend.

Top 10 Amy Winehouse Songs

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Fans have gathered and left cards, letters, flowers, teddy bears, and other gifts outside Amy Winehouse’s Camden home.

I also have a few pictures of her body being removed by the coroner.

Check out Amy Winehouse’s Top 10 songs and some videos… and see what celebs are Tweeting about her death.

Fame Pictures

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RIP Amy Winehouse

Multiple sources are reporting that Amy Winehouse died of a drug and alcohol overdose.  According to friends she had been drinking and took ecstasy, but an autopsy has not yet been completed.  I have a feeling we are going to be amazed she made it to 27 with what’s going to be in her system!

It’s crazy, my boyfriend and I just watched a documentary on recreational ecstasy and the medical uses of MDMA.  “E” messes with your body’s ability to regulate temperature so it is very easy to overheat… also, people tend to drink water to counteract the dehydration/overheating and can end up drinking too much water!  Very dangerous drug… But also has some really interesting medicinal/theraputic uses.

I really always hoped Amy would get her act together but she was a tragedy waiting to happen.  I feel bad for her parents and her Goddaughter Dionne Bromfield.  At least they were on stage together the last time Amy managed to get through a performance and she will have that memory.

Just say “Know to Drugs” –  wouldn’t that be a much better message?  Know what drugs can do to your body, how bad they can harm you, what they are made of, etc… That goes for prescriptions too!

Thanks, that’s my 2 cents.

I’m sad for Amy, always makes me wonder what troubles incredibly talented people so much that they ruin their lives…

In the gallery there are pictures of Amy on the set of one of her vidoes, and she made her own grave.  Also there’s a cool picture of the art she and her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil put on their fridge when they lived together…

I have some pictures of Amy when she was younger, I am trying to find them.

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Amy Winehouse Found Dead!

CBS News is reporting that Grammy Award winning Singer, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home on Saturday.  She was 27 years old.   The details of her death are not immediately known, although the London Ambulance Service arrived to find her already dead.  One can’t help but think that drugs and/or drinking played a factor, although Winehouse has had other health problems as well.  She was recently hospitalized for feeling weak and fainting.

Winehouse recently had to cancel several concerts after an awful show in Serbia in which she could barely stand up.

Celebs are already reacting to the singer’s death.  Tom Green, Country Singer Jimmy Wayne, Dr. Drew Pinsky and even Demi Moore tweeted about the death moments after it hit the Twitterverse.

Amy joins “Club 27“, all the influential musicians who have died at the age of 27… Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, etc.

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Good Lord Amy.  Apparently Amy Winehouse got so drunk the other day that she forgot where her boobs were.  Definitely NSFW.  Don’t click it if you don’t wanna see ‘em!

See Amy Winehouse’s MAJOR Nip Slip

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Amy’s boobs on a date

Amy Winehouse went out to dinner with her big huge boobs popping out.  Cleavage is an understatement.  They look like they HURT.

There is just nothing sexy about big fake boobs sticking out.  Real boobs, maybe… but they are fake!!

That’s her boyfriend Reg Traviss. How can he be with her? What could the attraction be??


Amy Winehouse ponders life.

Wino did the walk of shame back to her place and plopped down on the stoop to ponder life, attempt some calls, and show her boobs.  A day in the life… I hope it’s true she’s making more music!