There’s Alicia Keys with Baby Beatz in a bikini!

Can you believe this clown she married – out poppin’ champagne with his boyz while she’s all pregnant – on their HONEYMOON?  And he’s got some serious money issues

Beyonce & Alicia Keys do video

Beyonce & Alicia Keys filming a music video together.  Smashing outfits baby!!!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

Alicia Keys all sexy and Googled!

Alicia Keys new video shoot

Alicia Keys is filming her new video, and it looks pretty depressing… She looks totally hot and gorgeous, but then there’s like a dog that was hit by a car, and a little girl, not fun not fun!!

Click here to find if this is why Alicia Keys is hot on Google right now – from POPEATER!  PS – It’s not!

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Alicia Keys I see your thong!

Splash News Online

Alicia Keys was on David Letterman to promote her new CD “As I Am”… Definitely not a good dress choice.  It doesn’t flatter hear at all and you can see her thong th th thong thong… Oh Lord remember that song??

There she is from the back… and a front view – clearly she’s uncomfortable!



Alicia Keys at “The Nanny Diaries” premiere… that’s not a very pretty dress.