Madden Brothers

This is how my day started.

No wait, back up.  My day actually started with scrambled eggs and HASH BROWNS for breakfast.  I LOVE my breakfast potatoes and the hotel I’ve been in for the last few weeks hasn’t had any potatoes in about 9 days so when they finally served them today I was pumped.  I almost didn’t bother going because I had given up but I’m glad I did.

Anyway, that’s Kyla and me with The Madden Brothers.  They came to the station to play a few of their new songs.  “Dear Jane” will be their next single and I really like it.  I like “We Are Done” too, that’s the one you’ve probably heard on the radio recently.  Joel (in the black) was really nice to Kyla, he told her he liked her Paramore shirt.  I felt like I should have told him I’m sorry I said so many mean things about your wife Nicole Richie back in the day but whatever… I’m slightly less bitchy these days so we’re cool.

After The Madden Brothers I brought Kyla to her nanny’s house and then drove back to work.  Let me tell you something about the drivers/traffic in DC – they suck.  Suck suck suck.  All around suck.  Even when there aren’t any traffic jams, there are still aggressive idiot drivers all around.  I grew up in Boston, I am a MASSHOLE, but the people here are just bananas.  There are 4 lanes, all open, plenty of space, and there’s always got to be that tool who wants to ride your ass… why?  Then there are the people who, in stopped bumper to bumper traffic, bolt into the “ends in 1000 feet” lane just to get around 10 cars and then they expect you to let them in after you waited your turn… Or the lunatics who just jump from lane to lane so they can maybe get 3 cars ahead of you and then traffic stops again and you pass them anyway.  Do the weaver inner outers not realize they are the ones who cause slow-downs and accidents?  I haven’t even been here three weeks and I am already over it.  People are stupid.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if every car had a number and an intercom and you could just punch something in and yell at the dumbass driver?  Because it sucks that they never hear you cursing them out in your own car.

So the rest of my day involved scouring the web for something to post about and today was a day that nothing really jumped out at me.  Some days there will be like 10 things and I can’t post/talk about all of them… Other days I scroll my news feed, Twitter, 20-30 websites, and find maybe one or two things.  And these ice bucket challenge videos just keep pouring in (no pun intended) and I don’t know if people still want to see it or not.  And if they do, which ones?  I find it extremely bizarre that Gwyneth Paltrow did it and then challenged Chris Martin and I just saw that Lindsay Lohan did it on Jimmy Fallon tonight and who doesn’t want to see her get drenched?  I was going to post those and then I decided I wanted to write here instead.

So moving sucks.  Finding a place to live sucks.  Filling out rental applications sucks.  Figuring out how to move all of our crap sucks.  And I have been eating sucky crap because I can’t cook much in a hotel room.  I’ve been eating a lot of Panera but then I end up hungry around 10 or 11 at work and there’s the trusty vending machine full of obnoxiously bad crap.   Like the Big Texas cinnamon roll I ate tonight.  Actually, I will give myself a little credit, it was so sweet nasty I ended up throwing about a quarter of it away because I just couldn’t eat it anymore.  Then I came home and made a batch of pasta-roni, another terrible GMO chemical preservative packed choice.  Oh well, it won’t kill me today… it’ll just make me feel like total crap tomorrow.  PS – and I am drinking a Coke.  Crap.  Crap and suck are apparently my favorite words tonight.

Well moving on to positive things, my new job is awesome.  It’s fun.  Even though I am working late and getting used to a new schedule and the traffic I have to deal with to get there some days is crappy and sucky it’s worth it.  I had a good chat about music and radio and formats and new formats and stuff with some co-workers and it was nice to feel like I am a part of something I really enjoy again.  I also found out I have some pretty cool stuff to give away next week on the air so that will be fun.  And Tuesday the station is having an ice cream party for me at Ben & Jerry’s so that’s pretty awesome too.  I’ll take the pretty cool and pretty awesome along with the sucky and crappy I guess.

OK I have to force myself to go to bed now.  Part of my problem is I’ve been staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning and I wake up at 7.  Usually I go back to sleep for a little bit and then get up for breakfast around 9 but that’s still only 6 hours of sleep at most and I am getting old, I need more.  Haven’t had time for any naps either and of course everyone knows when you are a “SAHM” all you really do is nap all day so… yeah.

I have plans to re-do this site soon, just a matter of finding time.  Going for a much cleaner layout and getting rid of all the clutter.