Fame Pictures/2010

Look at that sweet kid!

This whole Justin Bieber thing is just really sad.  All jokes and making fun of him aside, the kid has a great story but he’s been completely corrupted by fame!

I totally loved his Never Say Never movie.  It was uplifting and dare I even say inspiring… kid coming from a not-so-good situation to getting discovered on YouTube and then having everything handed to him on a silver platter… But as with all of these kids they get corrupted by the adults around them.

I guess now that I have a 9yo and a 1yo I look at this stuff a little different than I did 10 years ago when I started this blog – yes it has been TEN YEARS!

Justin Bieber is only 19 years old which means he’s only been a legal adult for a year, and he isn’t even of legal drinking age in the US (I know he’s from Canada where he can drink to his heart’s content but he spends a lot of time here so you get my drift..)

Anyway, I guess my point is WHO ARE THE ADULTS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING OUT FOR HIS BEST INTERESTS LONG-TERM???  Who has not only been buying him alcohol but getting him into this sizzurp crap and Xanax?  I know teenagers are going to do what they do but you would think people in his life would be taking care of him and keeping him on a good path instead of letting him hang out with the thugs and trash that got him into this stuff!!  Thankfully Britney Spears has straightened out and grown up… more than we can say for Lindsay Lohan… but Justin Bieber is about to be the next star to fall…

How freaking dumb do you have to be to have a house full of drugs and other illegal stuff that is going to incriminate you with the law and with the public if you get caught but you go egging your neighbor’s house like a 14 year old punk… Even with bazillions of dollars that is still the only thing a teenage boy wants to do?  So now his house has been searched in full Hollywood raid style and now he’s going to act even more crazy and angry… It’s all just so stupid!!

Or maybe not, because the lead detective on the egging case (yes, when you are rich, your house being egged, especially by a celebrity, is worthy of a full investigation and SWAT Team raid), anyway the lead detective told the NY Daily News that they weren’t there looking for drugs they were there to get his surveillance equipment so they could catch him egging his neighbor’s house on tape.

Yes, they were raiding his house to see if there is any video of him egging his neighbor’s house on his own equipment… Anyone not high on weed and drunk on sizzurp would have had the smarts to at least shut off his security system so as not to catch himself in the act, right?

So anyway there is apparently a big bong, cookie jars full of weed, empty codeine and Fanta bottles, and plenty of evidence that he’s smoking weed and mixing prescription drugs but the police weren’t there for that so he’s not going to be in trouble for it.

They did, however, arrest his friend Lil Za because he had drugs in his room and admitted they were his so it “was right in our face.”  He had MDMA, weed, and a prescription drug that he did not have a prescription for (because nobody who actually has a prescription for the drug abuses it of course).

Not that I am for or against weed or sizzurp, but does anyone know anyone who could have the police at their house to investigate something so petty as an egging and the cops find a “treasure trove” of drug paraphernalia and they don’t get in any kind of trouble for it???  WHAT?????????

So anyway, Justin could be charged with vandalism for doing $20,000 worth of damage to his neighbor’s stucco and imported wood exterior.  His friend is facing felony drug possession charges and ended up smashing the wall of his cell so he’s gonna be charged with vandalism too.

What does Justin have to say about all of this?  Well it just so happens that 5 minutes ago he posted this on Twitter:

Screenshot 2014-01-20 14.58.04

Because it’s awesome to use a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote on MLK day to sum up the state of your ridiculously misguided life.