Notice the bottom half of the tree doesn’t have any ornaments on it…

I really wish I had asked for a cleaning service for Christmas!

I just had to do a little bit of work (I am still on the radio part time) and I am not looking forward to venturing downstairs to clean up!  Dishes in the sink, new stuff in bags and boxes in every room, wrapping paper all over, Christmas decorations need to be put away, laundry needs to be done… The list goes on.  Rocco went to child care for a little while but he will be home soon.  He LOVES his new toys, so I’m glad I’m home to play with him but all I keep thinking about is how much cleaning has to be done!!

How was your Christmas?  I will be completely honest, I was a little bah humbug this year, not having a job makes it a little tougher to spend a bunch of money on stuff nobody needs.. but somehow we did it.  Kyla got 2 American Girl dolls, a bunch of stuff from Justice (thanks to her dad who pays that credit card!!), a really nice art set and some American Girl books from family, among other things… And Rocco got a big Go Go Smart Wheels train set, a toddler arm chair, a ball pit, Crocs, Toms, a wagon, and a bunch of other fun toys.  He loves the ball pit, he had a blast playing in it last night.  And he loves his chair –


So of course it wouldn’t have been Christmas without some Facebook controversy.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed tons of “Santa was here” pictures posted on Christmas Eve… and some people had INSANE amounts of gifts under the tree… I mean floor to ceiling, spilling over into other rooms, crazy amounts of gifts… And then there were the people like me who spent a small fortune (though not as much as in the past) and felt like it didn’t look like much so I didn’t even bother taking a picture… The people who made for Facebook drama ON CHRISTMAS were the ones blasting people for posting those pictures!!  “OVERKILL – This takes away from the true meaning of Christmas” and “Why do people need to brag about how much they spoil their kids?” and one person even said, “That picture is a slap in the face to me since I am a single mom and couldn’t afford more than a few gifts for my kids.”

Um, why do people have to rain on the Christmas parades of others?  I couldn’t believe there was criticism like that on Christmas!!  I know I can be the first person to come up with a snide comment or call it like I see it when people are being ridiculous on Facebook, but as long as the toys under the tree weren’t stolen and they weren’t sacrificing a month’s worth of meals for their children to buy a dollhouse – WHO CARES?  I know a lot of people are struggling but I guarantee not one person who posted a picture of the loot under the tree was doing so with malicious intent!

ANYWAY, Kyla left for Christmas part 2 with her dad last night.  Her flight was at 7:05.  It was weird driving to the airport on Christmas night and passing Starbucks,  McDonald’s, Walgreens, all closed.  The airport wasn’t very busy either, we didn’t even have to wait in line at security.  I was so ready to just relax after we got home from Rick’s parents house… I was STUFFED… but Kyla was pumped to see her dad and have a “late night Christmas party”, and I’m sure the airport is probably busy and bustling today so I’m glad we went last night.


Kelly Osbourne was the subject of a Christmas Day Twitter lashing after she announced that her family tradition is to put messages in balloons and let them go… Whoever finds one “gets a prize” she said.  Too bad they will probably end up in the woods or the ocean or the stomach of an animal.  And that is exactly what people on Twitter blasted her for.  Don’t people know better by now?

Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson did some last minute Christmas shopping at a Toys R Us in Florida… wearing a shirt with the word “F**KING” on it.  At least he wore it on the day the store was least likely to be packed with kids!!

Justin Bieber said he is “officially retiring” on Twitter on Christmas Eve, but it’s not true.  I thought maybe he meant he was “officially retiring” for the night, like going to bed, but apparently he is retiring for a little while.  Either way… WHO CARES?

Miley Cyrus apparently received some penis gummies in her stocking.  She Tweeted a picture of the penis gummies and a quote from her grandmother – “I’ve never heard of such a thing”.  They really are a weird family.  I guess penis gummies are nothing compared to her new video - in which she is basically masturbating – but even some of the dirtiest people still try to maintain some form of modesty when it comes to their GRANDMOTHERS.  Not Miley.  Here Granny, Merry Christmas, eat a dick!