“My brother ate my homework!”

There’s Rocco eating Kyla’s homework yesterday.  She can’t really use the “my brother ate my homework” excuse though because she should have brought it to school yesterday morning BEFORE he got his hands on it.  He actually didn’t really eat it, she left it in the living room and he found it… ripped it… and then I grabbed the camera and said “are you eating big sissy’s homework?” and he put it in his mouth (such a good listener!) and I snapped the pic then got the paper out of his mouth.  I know I said I was going to try to post pics that haven’t been shared on Facebook yet but this one is so cute I had to use it for the blog post.

So yeah, excuses… Well my excuse for having nothing to write about and no desire to really do much of anything is I HAVE A COLD.  I really shouldn’t complain too much since it seems like everyone I know and their kids have all kinds of other yucks going on but my head is all foggy-groggy and I feel like whining anyway.

While we’re on the subject of excuses and not taking responsibility for one’s own actions, apparently there is talk of a Paul Walker crash lawsuit.  Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t really sad that he and his friend who was driving died a horrible death, but THEY WERE SPEEDING and he BRAGGED ABOUT BEING A SPEED DEMON many times.  Let’s just be thankful that they didn’t kill anyone else on their joyride!  As for a lawsuit, apparently the 2005 Porsche his friend was driving should have been built with some kind of speeding safety frame and it wasn’t… A family filed a lawsuit years ago when a similar model crashed at over 100mph on a race track and Porsche paid them $4.5 million.  I do not get how you can sue the car company when your family member drives recklessly and ends up dead, but it worked so why not, right?  So far nobody has filed a lawsuit or said they are going to, but TMZ posted a story about how it could have been the faulty Porsche and not the faulty excessive speeder that caused the deadly accident.

OK, that’s all for today.  At least for now anyway, maybe I’ll come up with something more interesting later.