Sometimes we need fires lit under our asses.  I would not say I have become lazy because I feel like I am constantly doing stuff… Taking care of kids, doing dishes, doing laundry, not cleaning the rest of the house often enough, selling stuff on eBay, grocery shopping, taking Kyla to gymnastics, taking Rocco to play dates, managing Facebook Groups (yes, I do, shut up, I enjoy it), still doing a weekend radio show, but there are some things I wish I was doing that I am not doing…

Anyway, a little while ago I got a message from a friend who was driving through Orlando earlier and heard “Dana’s Dirt” but the person doing the dirt wasn’t me.  She was surprised by this (of course).  So I Googled and yup, there’s someone in Orlando named Dana on the radio who does Dirt.  Thankfully, when I Googled her, um, well, me, or whatever, this website still came up first.  Then I got mad at myself because let’s be serious, this site was pretty awesome for a while!!

This lit a fire under my ass to at least make a post considering the last one was in August!

So now what?  I don’t know.  But I miss writing, even if it isn’t all about celebrities.  I think I need to just brush off the fact that the layout of this site is outdated and devote some time to it anyway.  My goal yesterday, and again today, was to be gluten-free.  And I did it.  I am not making any sort of long term commitment to cutting pasta, bread, and cookies out of my diet but I’ve heard so many people say they lost weight and felt fantastic when they cut gluten out so I figured why not see if I can do it?  So tomorrow I will have 2 goals, eat no gluten and come up with a blog post so that when other people call themselves Dana’s Dirt I don’t feel all poopy pants.

I am also going to kick myself because I should have copyrighted this sh*t a long time ago!!!

What to write about…

I am soooooooooooo tempted to share with you some mom group drama that went down a few months ago but it may not be a good idea… The person who helped me create this site nearly 10 years ago told me recently that I should be writing about a lot of different things that go on… Real life… is what people like to read about… I have just learned in my old age that sometimes it is better not to use things as “fodder” for a show/blog… We’ll see.  I’ll sleep on it.  And I hate the word fodder but it came to mind so I used it.

So on to celebrities, I still have to figure out what this whole deal is with Brittany Murphy being poisoned!!!  I have really gotten into government conspiracies (I actually believe some of them but I am not going to get into all of that mess here) so I am going to have to do a little investigating to find out what happened.

I got all excited last week when I saw a story on TMZ about Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller getting a reality show about fighting over their kids but I guess they both said no.  You have to admit, “WINNING” would have been the perfect name for a show about a custody battle!

OK that’s all for now…


Ha, can you believe it has been 10 years since I started putting that * in my name.  What a dork.

PS – Keep your fingers crossed for me :)