I should be working on some stuff so that I don’t have to do it in the morning, but the house is so quiet I just don’t feel comfortable opening my big mouth (I have to record some stuff) so instead I figured I would do a little writing… I have been meaning to post about several different things over the last couple of days.  The fact that the comments are invisible because the text is coded the same color as the background and some of the graphics are outdated (my old station went off the air over a year ago but you’d never know it by looking at the top right corner!) has made me not feel like even dealing with it but here I am.

Kyla is back from her dad’s.  We spent the day shopping.  I am obsessed with kid’s clothing – for her and my son.  They just look so freaking cute, and now that I am a Facebook selling junkie I love knowing that if they wear things just a few times and keep them nice I can re-sell them and pretty much get what I paid for them back!

So ANYWAY… I knew at some point I would be stuck between wanting to move forward in my career and wanting to stay put for my family.  So here I am.  It’s been fantastic being able to do a radio show from home for the last year, but it’s not going to last forever.  I have no idea what I want to do next.

Did you see Chris Brown just had his probation stemming from the Rihanna incident reinstated??  Yeah, he LIED about finishing his community service hours so now the judge has ordered him to do 1,000 more.  It’s been quite a while since I blogged but some things never change – Chris Brown is still a douchebag.

You aren’t going to believe this one:

We went to the mall directly from the airport.  Kyla had (another) new Bitty Baby doll with her, complete with Bitty carrier, and had strapped her in next to Rocco in the back seat.  I wouldn’t let her take the doll in, but I told her we should put her in the trunk so she doesn’t get stolen.  Bitty Baby & carrier = well over $100 worth of China-made cuteness…

I go to open the trunk and she says –

“No mom!!!  I don’t want to be like Casey Anthony!!!!”

Yeah, my NINE YEAR OLD said that.

Anyway, we go into the mall and spot Blondie’s Cookies right away.  They are the sugariest cookies ever and since I’d had a salad for lunch and Kyla had just eaten a cup of fresh strawberries I figured why not?  Yummy.

Then we went to the Justice BOGO sale.  Couple things that drive me nuts about that store – they are ALWAYS having a sale, but they don’t let you use coupons on top of a sale, so no matter what, I know they jack up their prices just so they can slash them… and then they give you more coupons so you think you’re getting a deal if you come back, but really you’re not saving much because there will already be a sale going on.

Another thing that sucks about going in there with Kyla – all the other crap they sell besides clothes!!  We go in the store, I say “clothes only” and within 3 seconds she’s holding up a Monster High doll that costs $10 more than it does down the street at Target.  Then she moves on to stuffed animals – as if she doesn’t have an entire top bunk filled with the ones she bought and threw up there and never loved again.

I also feel like most of the clothes look cheap – they remind me of the stuff we got at Bradlees when I was about her age, only I don’t think they were nearly as expensive.  Still we dropped $255 and I even let her get the insanely overpriced messenger bag for school.  Oh, and by “we dropped $255″ I mean Toby – I have the credit card, he pays the bill :)

One more bizarre thing about Justice today – they only have one fitting room – for girls, because they only sell girl stuff.  So to me, a girls fitting room is girls only (well, with the exception of young male siblings like baby Rocco of course)… So I have no idea what on earth this older dude was doing in there with his daughter who was probably about Kyla’s age!!!  Now he didn’t go in to the actual fitting room, but he was there… I had to keep making sure Kyla’s curtain was closed all the way… and I was getting ready to say something but a employees were going back and forth and one even chatted with him about sizing so apparently old dudes in a young girl fitting room is perfectly acceptable?  Thoughts?

Medical Marijuana.  Hopefully it will be on the ballot in 2014 and I look forward to helping with the collection of signatures.  More on that at some other time, I’m too tired tonight to get into it.

Are you in any Facebook yard sale groups?  Even if you aren’t, I’m sure you’ve noticed that everyone is trying to sell you something on Facebook these days!!  And I get that it is great for marketing, when I kept this blog updated I would share my posts to get hits.  Radio stations use them to promote what they are doing.  Stores use them to promote sales.  I get that.  What has been driving me up a wall lately are the people who join yard sale groups, mom groups, coupon groups, or other forums and then just try to blast the group with whatever crap they are peddling…

I am in a local mom group and I set up a play date the other day, made a Facebook event and it automatically invited everyone in the group (about 100 people who all live in our development), and this lady who doesn’t even have any minor children accepts the invitation to the play date AT MY HOUSE, and then posts this whole big thing about her home day care!!  Um, NO SOLICITING IN MY PLAYGROUP!!  Not to mention my boyfriend’s family owns 2 child care centers!  If you want to post to your own wall, or even the wall of the mom group to say “hey if anyone is looking for day care contact me” but to just put this huge long sales pitch in a private event???  People just do not have any filter when they are trying to promote themselves.  There is a place/time/frequency and accepting an invite to a playgroup should mean “yes I will join you” not “I’m not really coming but I’m going to say I am so I can tell you all about my business”.  I was so annoyed!

And what is up with the “Crazy Wrap People”?   This is not to offend anyone because I know there are some nice people who sell them, but enough already.  I posted to my wall asking for honest opinions about them from people WHO DO NOT SELL THEM, and got people who sell them trying to sell them.  After I got it done I posted about my experience and there they were – the people who sell them explaining  why it didn’t work… YET… and why if it doesn’t work it’s not the wraps fault but something wrong with me.  The other night I saw the same thing happen again – girl asks for honest opinions, people give them – some good some bad, and then, there’s a girl who sells them, giving the exact same schpeel I got about them not working.  I get that people are trying to sell a product to make some money, but there is really no reason to discredit and chastise anyone who says “it didn’t work for me.”  I have friends who sell 31, Avon, Pampered Chef, and none of them throw a hissy fit if you don’t like the garlic garlic!  Not to mention I believe those companies stand by their products and accept returns… With the wrap company, if it doesn’t work, and they talked you into signing up for 3 months before you even tried it, they keep sending it… and sending it… and sending it… and then don’t even think about trying to sell it on eBay bc they will try to put a stop to that too.

Anyway, I am sure they work for some people, I am just not a fan of multi-level marketing where the hype is better than the product, there is “no guarantee but sign up to buy for 3 months anyway,” and where the people selling it are more concerned about getting you to sell it “under” them so they can make more money than they are about whether or not you are actually satisfied.  I didn’t even have a chance to see if it actually worked and I was asked to order 3 months supply and sell the sh*t!  No thanks!!  I remember my con-artist ex got into the Acai berry juice and tried to get me to sign up to receive it every month and then it turns out it was crap.  Same idea as far as I’m concerned.

Tuesday is the first day of school.  Kyla is going to be in 4th grade… and Rocco will be 1 on Thursday.  We’re having a Curious George party.

I need to do this work or go to bed… It’s kind of lame that I’m not going to just get it done since I could have gone to bed 3 hours ago but it is so quiet I am afraid my voice will carry and Rocco will wake up and then I won’t be able to do it anyway.  Kyla should be able to help with him while I get it done in the morning.

Night night.